Friday, December 26, 2008

It's setting in

For Christmas I received some gift cards for Macy's so I was able to use them to purchase my own very classic yet completely functional. I absolutely love it, not only because it is a beautiful piece of luggage, but because it has helped it set in that I am actually going away.
See I told you it was sweet! It is hard to tell from this picture, but it has wheels and a pop up handle as well. It will work well on planes, trains and automobiles so I am set.

Just thought I would share my little exciting moment.

I also got some other fun travel stuff for Christmas as well. Funny luggage tags and the like.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Flooding in Rome Please Pray

I was checking in on Brian and Sarah's Blog and discovered that Rome is flooding please join me in praying! Thanks!!! Below are some news reports.

Italy: Flooding Paralyzes Rome

Published: December 12, 2008

New York Times

Two days of nonstop rain swelled the Tiber River, putting Rome on flood alert on Friday. With waters running at least 15 feet above normal, bridges were shut down and Mayor Gianni Alemanno invited residents to stay home from work and remain indoors. Boats broke from their moorings and jammed under bridges, and homes and business in some areas of the city were flooded. A woman drowned Thursday after her car got stuck in a flooded underpass. The storm has also caused two deaths in the south.

Police search for Irish tourist in Tiber river

Washington Post
The Associated PressSaturday, December 13, 2008; 1:43 PM
ROME -- Police divers in Rome searched the swollen Tiber river Saturday for an Irish tourist who fell in while watching the waters rise from days of heavy rains that have thrashed much of Italy.
The rains stopped for a few hours Saturday but started again in the afternoon, and more rain was expected Sunday. Nevertheless, civil protection officials said the threat that the Tiber might burst its banks appeared to have receded.
The storms have claimed at least four lives and prompted the capital to declare a state of emergency.
Mayor Gianni Alemanno said Saturday the situation appeared under control, but he said the city had to be prepared for Sunday's expected storms.
On Saturday, Romans and tourists alike lined up along bridges to watch police divers and other rescue workers search the roiling currents for the Irish tourist identified by Carabinieri police as Vincent Thomas Wall, 27.
Police said he fell in overnight while watching the muddy river rise.
Italian farm lobby Coldiretti said the storms had caused millions of euros (dollars) in lost crops and damage, primarily in the south.
In Rome alone, one of the capital's most heavily trafficked pedestrian bridges _ the Ponte Sant'Angelo near the Vatican _ was closed as civil protection teams tried to free a barge that became unmoored and slammed into the bridge.
Despite the drama nearby, the traditional lighting of the Vatican's Christmas tree got under way as scheduled Saturday, albeit in a downpour.
© 2008 The Associated Press

Friday, December 12, 2008

So Excited

I am so excited to finally be able to share with everyone that I will be following God's call on my life to serve as a full time missionary in Rome, Italy! I hope you can take the time to read the full story, but if not, then just know that for the past 6 months I have been in an application process with ReachGlobal to join their brand new Rome City Team, and as of last week I was offered a full time, long term position!

I am aiming to leave for Rome in a year from now, but before that can happen I will be attending lots of training, and I need to raise 100% of my financial support. I am looking forward to this process almost as much as I am looking forward to my new life in Rome. First up is a 2 week vision trip, where I will get to go to Rome to meet with my new team. Brian and Sarah Bennetch have already moved to Rome into a neighborhood near the Vatican, so I will get to go and stay with them. Craig the other member of my team I got the opportunity to know when I went to Minnesota in November for our Readiness Event. He is great you will love him.

Along with 2 weeks in Italy I will also get to travel about the country training, and support raising, so that means I may actually get to see some of you whom I have not seen in ages! I will likely be in Colorado for either my support raising training or for language training school. This language school is not to teach me Italian, but to teach me tips for learning a new language. I will attend Italian Language School in Italy.

There is so much more, to tell you but that is why I have a blog right? So keep checking back!

If you want to join me on this road to Rome, by joining my financial team and by praying with me email me and I will happily add you to my supporters list!

Thanks for joining me on the Road to Rome!