Monday, December 21, 2009

Sounds lovely in Italian, no?!

I wanted found this, loved it, because it is at my speed of Italian, I could follow along because I know the story and most of the key words! Hope you enjoy even if you don't know all the words.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Shopping

This year I as I am out of a pay check, and I need to once again downsize before moving back to my parents house, I have decided that all of my Christmas "shopping" will be done at a cute little boutique that I call My Place. I figured the things I have left for the most part are things that I love, things that are special to me. Last May I got gave away and sold most of my things, and in doing so I realized I enjoyed giving away the things that I had accumulated over the years more than selling them for next to nothing to strangers.

So, this Christmas, I am giving from the heart, these items are things that I have had for years, or given to me by special people, or that hold a lot of memories for me. As I began my shopping this morning it was fun to look at each item as a gift not just as something. It is a challenge to choose who will get what, and why. I have decided that each item will also come with a tag, that explains it's history or the memories it evokes for me, so that in the end I am not just giving gifts, but sharing part of myself as well.

As therapeutic this is, I ask for your prayers as well. Like I mentioned, I already got rid of a lot of stuff and this time it is harder. I know some of you who read this have also gone through this process, and can understand how difficult it is to move closer and closer to having nothing you can call your own and live on the brink of the uncertainty of when and where home is. It is comforting to know that you have been through this too. Yet it is hard to go through this alone.

I will be honest and say that as I type this what started out in sharing about joyful giving has now left me sitting in tears. I tell you this not for your sympathy but so that you who have not gone through this process realize that while there is great excitement and hope in going where God has called me to go, there is also a lot of uncertainty and at times sadness and even fear in letting go of everything (physical and not) that I have come to put security in.

I know that this year there are a lot of people without jobs, or without homes, without a firm idea of when they will have both again...and I am thankful for what I do have, hope in Jesus Christ and the call He has placed on my life. I want that to be enough, and I know that it is, but that does not make it easy.

I long to be in Rome. It is increasingly hard to wait for support to come in. So I ask for your prayers, not only that I get to Rome. But that in the waiting I continue to learn more about God, and His provision for my every need.

Monday, November 30, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

It is this time of year when we start to make Christmas lists in our heads if not on paper of all the things we would love to get. Well, this Christmas all I really want is to be in Rome, serving along side my team. I don't want stuff, I don't want more clothes, or even cool gadgets, all I want is to be able to say I have finished raising all my support and that I can pack my bags and begin this ministry in Rome.

So if you want to get me something this Christmas that I really want, don't head to the store, or pick up your knitting needles, just join my financial support team and make my Christmas wish come true!

I need $6295 a month pledged for my Christmas Wish to come true. Right now I have $2465. How sweet would it be to have my Support raised by Christmas and be able to point to Jesus on the day we celebrate His birth and thank Him for the lovely gift of love in His great provision, and then to spend the rest of my year serving him in Rome as a thank you for all they ways He has blessed me again and again!

Jesus is after all the Reason for the Season, and if my only gift was what made it possible for me to serve Him all year long doing what He has called me to do it would just be soooo cool!

If you want to give towards my best Christmas Present Ever and the work of God in Rome, just click the link below!

Trinity's Christmas Gift

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In less than one year I have completed all of my ReachGlobal pre-field training!!! My last two weeks at PILAT (Language Acquisition Training)in Colorado was an incredible help. I learned all sorts of tools to help me grasp the Italian Language and have already begun using some of them with my Language Helper here in Felton. I also got the opportunity to learn and practice phonics and have seen a marked improvement in my listening ability and pronunciation as I use Rosetta Stone.

Now with PILAT behind me I am set to get to Rome as soon as possible. All that is left is to finish raising support and to obtain my visa! My goal is to be in Rome by the end of January. Please join me in praying for new supporters and for the visa application process.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009


There are over 7000 languages.
My mouth is capable of make over a million sounds and I normally only make 44.
My how we limit ourselves.
God created all these (some of you may say we, mankind did, but He gave us the ability and capacity to do so)and speaks fluently to all people everywhere all at the same time.
I always picture God speaking English.
Oh how I limit Him.
These are just some of the things that I have words for, there is so much more happening in my mind that even with all these new sounds I am not able to express yet. Which in itself is a crazy thought.
I listened to and spoke in Russian and Jeh, and English and Phonetics, and a few other languages today.
I know much more of languages than I am capable of expressing vocally at this point.
My mouth and throat hurt, because they are being given a workout like never before.
Just when I think I have reached my limit we learn more.
All of this information just makes me want to learn more...
More language, more sounds, more ways of learning, more about God, more about people and why we talk the way we do and why we use one word instead of another.
Somehow by pushing the limits I have created new ones, which seem to be moving and changing constantly.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Room With a View

This is the view from my room that I do not have to share with anyone here at the Mission Training Institute in Palmer Lake, Colorado. It is not the view I expected when I left California. I came here thinking that my two weeks here would be covered in snow, not so. I not being a huge fan of the white powdery substance am thankful for the lack there of. I am also thankful for the absence of a roomie. Thank you to those of you who were praying for that along with me. God was good and provided once again!

Many of you have asked what it is that I am supposed to gain from this time at MTI. Until last night I was not really able to give you a good idea. Now that I have been through orientation I can tell you that we will be spending a lot of time listening and speaking, though not in ways that I am accustom to. Mostly in phonics or in languages that are unfamiliar to those of us in attendance so that we will retrain our ears to hear more than the 44 sounds in the English language and our mouths to make these new tones and shapes needed to produce the sounds found in other languages around the world.

It is almost like we are learning a language in order to learn other languages.

It is all very interesting and if nothing else so far I have learned how to laugh at myself and others while learning to make new noises. A skill that I am sure will come in handy in my first few years in Italy.

You can continue to pray with me in these things:

1. Heath - I am getting a cold, which makes language learning a bit more challenging. As well as adjusting to the higher elevation of CO. Don't worry I have drank more water in the past two days than I had in the past two weeks.

2. Boldness - both in my language learning as well as in meeting all of the new people. I know most of you think of me as an extrovert, and while it is true that I love people, I have a hard time making new acquaintances in large groups. So I am forcing myself to go bowling tonight with some of my classmates.

3. Understanding - I long to be good at communicating in Italian with Italians, so you can pray that I will truly grasp the skills and tools being presented here these two weeks so that I can be as effective as possible as soon as possible in Italy.

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Language Aquisistion Day 1

Your prayers would be much appreciated today, as I woke up with a cold and feel like I am going to be sounding very much like Miss Eliza Doolittle in this clip.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lovely Surprise

Isn't it lovely to be surprised by God?! I am finding myself in that state more and more. Each day or so I open up my Support Report and almost everyday this week I have had a new Supporter!!! I should not be shocked, I asked God to provide and He is!

It is just that the support continues to come from people I barely know, or only briefly well as from people I have know in my past and people I know now, and everyday it is a joy to watch God move His people into action!

Like I said in my last post, I am just so thankful for each member of my Support Team and their role in building God's Kingdom in Italy! It is such an honor to have God and His People provide for all my needs!


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Heart That Is Full

It has been my hearts desire through this whole process that as God prepares me to go to the mission field He will also invite others to join me in the process. Not everyone is called or even able to pick up and head to Rome, but God has equipped His people to be involved in His Kingdom Building around the world in other important ways like supporting missionaries through prayer and financial even sometimes sacrificial giving.

Today was one of my happiest days thus far in my support raising!(Thanks to all of you who were praying today, God answered your prayer!!!) Today was a crazy should have been a super smooth day, but nothing timing wise seemed to be working the way I thought it should. However when I finally got to sit down spend sometime with Jesus and rest in Him things seemed to get less stressful. (go figure) Then I turned on my computer and found I had a Facebook message from one of my High School Students letting me know that they would like to support me monthly! I almost cried, joyfully, but still tears! (I am my mother's daughter)I have longed for people from my church, my community, my past of all generations and church backgrounds to join my support team. Not because I want their money, but because I really want them to be involved in the work that I will get to be a part of in Rome, I want them to feel connected to God's Kingdom work around the world! More than any other people group I had prayed for was that my students past and present would one day join my support team, and that we would get to join in ministry together! God started to answer that prayer today! And I was truly blesses by it. It was such an affirmation and joy to have them join my team!

On top of that I also got a lot more new supporters this week and a few the week before. I also get to go to Felton Presbyterian on Sunday and invite even more people to catch the vision God has laid on my heart for the people of Rome.

I go to bed tonight with a heart that is full of joy and a life that is blessed to be on this amazing adventure with God! I am struck again and again just how cool it is to live the life God created me to live, and that He desires for me to be part of His plan to redeem His creation. Friends God IS GOOD!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Almost a Year

It's hard to believe that it's been about one year since I began this journey, preparing to serve in Rome. In December 2008 I was accepted as missionary with ReachGlobal and began my training and support team building.

The past few months have been filled with all sorts of stuff; handing over the youth ministry programs at Felton Bible Church to great new volunteers, training and equipping student leaders, packing up my office at church, ReachGlobal training and support team visits. In September I finished my final online training course in preparation for Pre-Field Training. I just attended Pre-Field training October 7-15 in Apple Valley,MN and visited my old church family at Elim Mission Church in Cokato, MN, in Nov. I will attend Language Acquisition School for two weeks and then my training will be complete!

God has continued to open up opportunities for me to share with churches and individuals what He has called me to in Rome as well as the need there for the Gospel. I continue to be blessed each and every time I get the opportunity to share how God is at work in our lives!

Next Sunday, I get to share with the folks at Felton Presbyterian Church about my road to Rome and invite them to join me in ministry there. I always enjoy sharing about my upcoming journey to Rome, so let me know if you'd like to get together to hear more of the details, I'd love it!

These words from the Apostle Paul, "And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in Glory in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen." Philippians 4:19-20 (ESV). have fresh and deeper meaning as I continue to get support reports from ReachGlobal. I am truly learning what it means for God to supply every need according to His glorious riches ... as generous financial support arrives every day from individuals and churches that God has called to give towards His work in Italy. I know that it is only through His provision, and the generosity and obedience of His people, that my needs are being met.

I am excited to tell you that as of today my monthly support $6295 a month is now 33% met and continues to grow daily and my start up cost $19,000 is over 60% raised because of the support of obedient faithful supporters like you!

I have a tentative departure date of January 2010. I believe this is the departure date God has in mind for me! All my training will be complete as of November 20th, so what remains is for my support needs to be met. I am particularly motivated to arrive in Italy in January because it is so much cheaper to travel to Italy in the winter months rather than during the high tourist season. In recent months the Rome City Team has grown, but there is a great need for laborers. Could it be that God is calling you to join Him in His work in Italy by becoming a part of my financial support team?

As you consider partnering with me financially, please remember that all contributions are tax deductible and that even though your contributions are given to EFCA, 100% of each gift goes directly to our ministry and living expenses. The EFCA is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Contributions can be sent by mail to:

Evangelical Free Church of America
901 East 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55420

or give online at Make checks payable to "Evangelical Free Church of America" and include on the memo line of your check our personal ministry account code: 1671 (please do not include my name).

If God is leading you to support us monthly, it would be helpful for our record keeping if you could drop me an email and let me know. You can contact me at: Even if you plan on beginning your giving at a later date, I am able to count your pledge towards are need. All gifts received now, before we arrive on the field, are applied towards our pre-field training and relocation expense

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here and There

I am away from home. I feel like I have been away for quite some time, though in reality it has not been all that long. Not in comparison to how long I will be gone when I move to Rome, or even as long as others who are here with me in Minnesota. There are two couples who have spent the last 7 weeks in the Congo, and are now here and then they will finally get to go home. Which makes my month long journey not seem all that bad. But tonight friends I am tired.

It has been a great week of learning and of meeting with other missionaries to get to know them and the greater need around the planet, but learning can be exhausting. I am no longer used to sitting and learning for 8-9 hours a day. We have covered all sorts of topics and am certain they will come in handy on the field.

Tomorrow is my last day of class, and then I am off to see some friends for a few days and then back to my old home and church in Cokato, MN on Sunday to share with the church there about the need in Rome, and the work I will be doing there. Then on Monday I will be home.

Then in the beginning of November I am heading back to Colorado for two weeks for Language Acquisition School.

Thank you all for your prayers. I really do appreciate them, and it has been evident that God has been at work here this week not only in my life but in the life of all of us here. It was so nice to realize this morning that while I was here praying there was a group of people at home and around the world praying for me.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Why

"We are missionaries because God is a missional God. God has a plan that he started in the book in Genesis that He carries on though all of history."


Stated in a slightly different way, "I AM A MISSIONARY BECAUSE GOD HAS A MISSION." Meaning to me that I am joining God in His mission and that in doing so I am allowed to participate with God in the work of building His Kingdom here on earth. It is God's heart to see all people enter into a relationship with Him, to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
God's Mission: From Eternity to Eternity is Kingdom Building, which is why it makes sense to leave family and comfort behind to join Him in this work. This has been a comfort to me as I prepare to leave behind the comforts of a culture that I know and a family who loves me, whom I love. To know that, not only can I do this, but was created and called to make disciples of all nations.


I could not acknowledge that truth without thanking God for His kindness that He revealed Himself to us
and that He loved His creation so much that He has a plan to redeem it
and that I have the
to be just a small part of His plan.



Excitment in the Air

{Pardon the randomness of this blog, I have been constructing it to be my news letter, and have been adding it to each day, but I decided that it is not the newsletter I want to put out so I thought I would share it with you now in the form of a somewhat rambling blog...}

My plane to Minnesota was full of anticipation as we lifted off the Chicago runway during the final minutes of the Minnesota Twins Game. There had been an audible groan when the flight crew made the announcement that all electronic devices needed to be off so we could be on our way, and 10 minutes later the plane erupted in cheers of joy as the announcement came over the speakers that the Twins had won the game! I found out later in the night that not only did the Twins win, the Vikings (that is football for those of you who don't do sports) and as I sat with my plate of French fries at Denny's the Minnesota Wild (hockey) also took home a win. Not a bad week to be in Minnesota.

You may be wondering why I am in Minnesota. Well if you have been following me on this Road to Rome you will recall that I have taken all sorts of online courses to prepare to live in Rome as a long term missionary. Those online classes are culminating this week in a class here in the Minneapolis. I will be here learning from today till next Thursday. Then Sunday the 18th I have been invited to return to my old home in Cokato, Elim Mission Church to share about my calling and ministry in Rome with the people there. This may be the part of the trip that I am most excited for, as I have not been to Cokato since 1989 age 9. I am excited to return to this little town that holds so many happy memories for me. The church where I first discovered my heart for those around the world who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as I watched a Compassion Video along with the Youth Group there at the time.

There is a sense of anticipation in the air as I enter into ReachGlobal more completely, now that I have finished up serving at Felton Bible Church. It is like when you know you are going to Disneyland and you just cannot sleep or think of anything else.

Did you know, that in Rome there is a desperate need for the Gospel? There is. Our Director of ReachGlobal told us yesterday that, "Europe is Less than 1% of the population has a relationship with Jesus. My friends that is why I am so excited to go to Italy, so ready to move forward on this Road to Rome. I am so excited to be here in Minnesota this week learning how best to serve as a missionary in Rome. It is so encouraging to be with other people who are learning along side me. To share this part of my journey with others who have also been called to be missionaries around the globe.

There are 16 of us here this week and every Continent represented. Though we are all headed in different directions, all share a passion for sharing the good news of the hope we have in Christ Jesus and the forgiveness he offers to those who have not encountered this truth yet. This common purpose and passion ties us together. One of our assignments this week is to work together as a team to create an event that will allow people to engage with The Great Commission.

We had this event last night, the 16 of us set up an evening that allowed people to move from one continent to another to experience the need in each area of the world, as well as hear some stories of what God is doing in each area. This is the video we shared at our Europe area before sharing a personal story. Then we came together for a time of corporate prayer and of course cookies and ice cream.

That was the end of the day, at the beginning of the day we all got sent to various churches throughout the Minneapolis area, most with an emphasis on one culture or another. The church I got to go to however, was a combination of almost every race and culture. The Sanctuary Covenant Church is a beautiful picture of the variety of people in the Kingdom of God, all coming together to worship. It was a blessing and joy to worship at The Sanctuary.

This morning in Minnesota it looks like this:

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brokenness of Roma

In the online course I am taking we are discussing the poor, what it means to be poor in light of scripture and who are the poor in the cities we are going to. My heart is once again beginning to break as I look afresh and anew at the poverty both spiritually and physically in Roma.

In my research I came across this blog Here is a small section that I think really highlights why I am desiring to go and be used by God...

The eternal city of Rome is a city full of life, a city rich in culture and history. Tourists flood the city every day huddling around the great triumphs of history: the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and Vatican city to name a few. Behind the glamor of fashion and the awe of ages past lies a city in poverty and spiritual emptiness. Latest estimates say that 25% of Italians are in poverty, and the government has few social programs and no long term answers. Spiritually the reality is worse. Much less than .01% are evangelical Christian. On the other hand immigrants see Italy as the land of opportunity, a place to start over, a place to raise a family and find work. When they arrive after risking everything they are met with the reality of a nation without jobs and severe discrimination. Because of this reality many turn to crime and prostitution to survive.

Though they are prejudiced against the immigrant population that streams into Italy from Eastern Europe and Bangladesh, they share the common struggle of poverty and hopelessness. We believe that the hope and love of Jesus is a cool drink of water that these people need. But at the same time they don't need just words, they need physical help.
click here to see more images taken by a fantasic photographer that capture the other side of Roma

Friends it is so clear that the need is great in this city. Please continue to join me in prayer for the hearts of those living on the streets and in the hard parts of Roma.

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In just two weeks I will be finishing up with my official work at Felton Bible Church and I will have 100% of my time to dedicate towards going to Rome! It is hard to say farewell to the students as their leader, but I trust that I am leaving them in God's hands and I can already see Him providing for them in big ways as He is also providing for me.

Many of you have been joining me in prayer regarding an upcoming training in Minnesota this October, praying that I might get to attend and not have to wait until the next time it is offered in April. Thank you for your prayers! God has seen fit to answer and I do get to attend the Pre-field Training Live Event from October 7th-15th! This is exciting news because it means I am one huge step closer to leaving for Rome and joining my team!

Speaking of my City Team, there is exciting news there as well! I just got word a week or two ago that I have two almost three new teammates joining the team. Brian and Sarah my Team Leaders, just got the opportunity to host Zach and Naomi as they came for their Vision Trip to Rome a few weeks ago! After the trip I found out that they have accepted the call to join our team in Rome, and that Naomi is pregnant! So really it will be Zach, Naomi and the new baby joining us in the Eternal City!

God is doing some pretty amazing things and I am getting more and more anxious to get to Rome and start serving along side my new teammates! Thank you all for your ongoing support and prayers! My monthly support is continuing to come in and with each new donor I am that much closer to starting this new life in Rome that God has invited me to! SO THANK YOU!!!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boulder Creek Fire

Hello friends there is yet another fire in CA and this time it is even closer to my home, so please join me in praying that they get it out quickly! Right now all I know is that it is a wildland fire about an acre and near Boulder Creek, right up past my home. There are air tankers, bulldozers and fire crews there along with helicopters so it seems like they will get things taken care of, but praying is always a good thing.

While you are at it you can join me in praying for the people in Burkina Faso, Africa where my sister was and is heading back to live. They are experiencing a a pretty intense flood in the capital city of Ouagadougou.

Map of Burkina Faso at TheoImage by jcolman via Flickr

There was also a major Earthquake in Indonesia today a 7.0 which has left at least 32 people dead. So we can be praying for the people there as well.

Friends there is also a lot of good in the world, so I do not want you to think I am saying the world is falling apart around us, but I do think it is important for us to be lifting the concerns of our hearts up to God in prayer. And when He answers give Him all the praise and glory. God is Good all the time! Even in the midst of chaos.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

producers needed

ReachGlobal is putting together a team of Video Producers to help capture the desperate need that exists in Europe as well as God Sightings in Europe. So since I know I have a lot of friends that are video producers I thought I would pass along the information. Here is a radio broadcast that talks about the project in more detail.

Also for the application you can click here

Just one more way for you to be actively involved in what God is doing in Europe!

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Enjoy. I am gone for the week to serve at the Los Angeles Dream Center with my students and some people from my church, so I thought I would leave you with something to enjoy

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stress Release

Cover of "A Long Obedience in the Same Di...Cover via Amazon

So maybe you are not like me and you do not get stressed out by details and deadlines, but I am not a fan of you may have picked up in my last few posts a tension. My apologies. Finally the overwhelming amount of stuff on my plate, good and bad and the facts of raising support and keeping track of numbers for ReachGlobal and youth group and taking an online course and two summer trips, well it got to me.

There you have it friends I am human and I do have a breaking point. That point came yesterday. Yesterday all I wanted to do was crawl into a hole and curl up and cry. But this morning I took time and met with God.

Thankfully God showed up in big ways. As I opened up my book Eugene Peterson's, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction. I opened to the chapter I was on and low and behold it was on Perseverance. Gee God is good at this stuff.

There is so much in this chapter which is all based on Psalm 129, that could not have applied to my life more in the moment than it did today.

I took a break from writing...Youth Ministry showed up in my office :)

Like I was saying I just love when God reveals himself to me, when he meets me in my moodiest moments and say's "hello, I am still here. I am still in control. I knew you were going to get overwhelmed, and I have prepared you for this moment." Don't you love when God is there to comfort you and remind you of his hand at work.

Since Tuesday I have been more relaxed, not because money started pouring in, but because I was able to sit down with God and be reminded that He is God, he is in control. He is preparing me even now for the work he has called me to. Right now I am learning what it means to persevere. I am being equipped for a long on going journey with Christ. I don't pretend to have God's timing all figured out, or even his plan for my life, but it is encouraging to know there is a plan and he is not only with me here and now but is walking with me, beside me and before me preparing not only the way but also this servant for the ministry he has asked me to do.

Friends, thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your support, and thank you for journeying with me. For putting up with my highs and lows and offering help along the way. You are such a vital resource and a huge blessing.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Super Simple

ReachGlobal being the up to date and efficient organization that they are have created an even easier way for you to get involved financially in my ministry in Rome! Gotta love that! Now all you have to do is click this HERE and you will be zipped over to a page ready to set you up for online giving! All my account info and name stuff is already entered for you so all you have to know is your info. Super simple and just in time!

For those of you who do not know I am needing to be at 50% of my monthly financial support by the end of August if I am going to get to attend the next training in October. If I do not make that training then I will not get to leave for Rome in Dec. I will have to wait until Spring. So, if you have been planning on giving or thinking about giving but have not signed up yet can I greatly encourage you that now would be a fantastic time to start giving! IF you cannot give now but would like to start giving in Dec, then please let me know what plan on doing so that I can count that in my pledges.

Thanks again for following and joining me on my Road to Rome! I love having you involved in the ministry that God has invited me into. I cannot wait to start serving along side my team in Rome! God is already at work there and I long to join Him in that work!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Good Times and With New and Old Friends

I have been up in Crescent City as promised the last few days and it has been so great to reconnect with old friends and make some new friends in the process. Yesterday I had the privilege of sharing about my new ministry in Rome, at our old church, Pelican Bay Evangelical Free Church. It was so special to be able to go back to the church where I really got to cut my ministry teeth as a kid and share with them what God has been doing in my life and where I am heading with God. It was great to walk around the grounds, to visit Virgina's Grove and see the forts we used to playing after church each week. I am glad to say that the church we planted 20 years ago is not only still there it is thriving! What a joy to see what God has been doing in the lives of his people here in Crescent City!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cup of Joe

I love coffee. There is nothing like a good cappuccino to start the day off on the right foot. Maybe you too share my love for a nice hot cup of goodness, be it tea, coco or coffee, there is something about it that is soothing to the soul.

What if there is something more amazing more soul soothing than coffee? What if instead of only experiencing the joy that comes from the cup yourself you could share that joy with people? I am not talking about a coffee date with friends, I am talking about you effecting far more than your soul and the souls of those around you.

How? Oh I am so glad you asked. See I was looking at my mailing list and my Facebook friends
That's right if my friends all decided that they could forgo two fancy coffees or Jamba Juice's or the like two times a month and instead send that money in to ReachGlobal. I could be joining my team in Rome, doing the work God has invited me to do.

The fantastic thing about this is that not only would I be done raising support, and be in Rome planting churches and spreading the love of Jesus, you my friends would all be a part of the work there. You could sit with your third coffee of the month and reflect from your comfy Starbucks chair on how you are impacting another persons soul in a much more eternal way than a cup of joe no matter how good it is could ever do.

Now, of course you don't have to give up your coffee, but I know money is tight, and I just thought I would present you with a way to be involved in the live saving work in Italy for the cost of two cups of coffee a month.

To start donating your coffee cash you can click here. (Be sure to use my name and my #1671 when you make a donation.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hitting the Road

I am heading up to my old stomping grounds in Crescent City July 11th and will be at Pelican Bay Evangelical Free Church on the 12th. I am bringing my dad and little brother along for the ride, and we will be there till Tuesday the 13th. We would love to see as many of our Crescent City Friends as possible while we are there. Please send me a message, give me a call or drop me and email, if you have time to see us those days.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trinity's Road to Rome June Edition

June 22, 2009 Letter 6

Wow it’s hard to believe it is almost the
end of June. I have been on this Road to
Rome for 6 months now. A lot has
happened along the way. I have gone
from 0% of my monthly support to 20%.
My Vision Trip was a huge blessing and a
chance to see where God is inviting me
to join Him. Support Team Boot Camp in
Colorado was a great investment of my
time and has helped me as I build up my
own support team. My church has taken
me on as a missionary! I have completed
5 online courses, all of which are helping
me even now as I prepare to go to Rome.
The last one was especially helpful as it
was about the Roman Catholic Church.
In the picture below you will see all the
people I just met at Cross Cultural
Church Planting School in Minneapolis,
two weeks ago. We spent 5 days
together learning about different
approached to church planting.

See, I told you a lot has transpired in my
journey thus far. I have not even got to the
field yet and I am already keeping busy!
Oh I forgot to mention that I also started
some language study using Rosetta Stone,
along with that I have made a new friend.
She was born in Rome in 1930 and has
I am not the only one on this Road to
Rome God has been busy too, inviting
others to join us in Rome! Our team is
growing! I cannot give you all their names
yet, as I do not even know all of them, but
I will keep you posted as we add more
and more people to our Roman Family!
Brian and Sarah have been at work in
Rome and in their travels building
relationships with people, looking for ways
for us to get involved in the work that is
going on. Sarah just attended a
conference on the problem of human
trafficking and we are praying for wisdom
as to what our role will be in regards to
the human trafficking in Rome.

Ways you can pray:
• God would continue to raise up my support team

• As our Rome City Team grows that we might also grow together as a family

• For me as I spend my last few months with my student that it would be a sweet time together.

• For my church as they look for volunteers to cover youth ministry and as they hire a new position.

• That the Italian would really sink in quickly!

• For Sarah as she is back in language classes for the Summer

• Praise God with me for the road thus far

• Praise Him for providing my Italian Tutor

Thank you for all your prayers!
Much Love,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Press Release

Many of you have asked, "Hey Trinity, when are you leaving?" Others of you got the idea that I am already in Rome, or went on a short term missions trip and now I am back. Since there seems to be some confusion I thought I would send out a press release of sorts...


CONTACT:Trinity Kay

Rome City Team Announces Trinity to be in Rome by December 2009

Trinity Kay is planning on moving to Rome, Italy at the end of December to join the ReachGlobal Rome City Team as a long term church planter. In order for her to meet her launch date she needs to raise 100% of her support.

The amount Trinity needs to have pledged for each month is $6295. She is currently at 17% of her monthly support. People who would like to join her monthly support team can do so immediately. The faster the money comes in the sooner Trinity can join her team in Rome. All monies that are raised prior to departure go to her ministry launch funds, which pays for training, travel and relocation costs.

If you would like to join her monthly support team you can do so by clicking this link, or contacting Trinity to meet with her.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why Wait

Much of what I am learning I am finding applies to life in Felton as well as it does for Rome...

Those who were in Church at Felton Bible on Sunday heard that we desire to be a Family of Families.

Today I learned that we should be a Community reaching out to our Community inviting them to join our Community.

So Felton Bible what if we expand it...

We are a Family of Families welcoming Families into God's Family!

So sweet, no?!

Also inline with Sunday's message we have been talking about each member of the family using their gifts and talents to do ministry - not doing anything that is not run and supported by the lay people.

I love when God pulls everything together.

Monday, June 8, 2009

and so I sit

I am in the San Jose airport, waiting to board my plane to Arizona so that I can get my flight to Minneapolis. As I sit waiting and thinking I have some random thoughts to share with you, don't read them as complaints as they are merely observations not at all whining.

Why do they provide you with little trays on the plane to hold all of your stuff but not in the waiting area. I mean they request I be here 2 hours early, you would think tables and ottomans would be a good thing. Or lazy boys maybe a movie or music channel? Nope just hours sitting awkwardly in plastic chairs that have suspisious stains on them.

Why when you come to the airport do they not provide bigger containers for you to dump all of your stuff into. The guy in front of me needed 5 just to hold each of his things because they could not be piled. Which in itself makes me wonder because how do they see through my bags but are not able to see through a pile?
Why does the thing I have to walk through not beep when I am wearing metal? Is it not a metal detector? What is the point of taking off my shoes?

I seriously doubt the usefulness of self check-in when the girls behind the counter have to step out and around to help each and every passenger figure out the blasted thing. Like wise why check in online and print out my boarding pass only to have to check in again at the airport?

Why do people not understand that I do not care about their phone calls here or in coffee shops so I do not need to hear every word they say. And if they are going to talk that loud, at least do it in a language I know so that I can eavesdrop properly.

I miss the days when your favorite people were standing at the gate awaiting your arrival, maybe holding balloons or flowers or at least hugging and greeting you. I just watched a plane unload its passengers all who just looked lost tired and bummed, that is not how one wants to feel after getting off the plane. They want to feel welcomed and embraced. I propose that the airline seriously consider hiring greeters like Walmart, who could at least bridge the gap fear has created.

It is sad that we have allowed fear to take the fun and excitement out of travel. Remember the days before security checks, and announcements every few min about what level terrorist warning we were in. What do those colors do for me? It's not like I am going to change my flight because it is orange vs yellow it just adds stress and removes pleasure. I would rather just not know.

Why do we automatically think that because we are in an airport we are not safe, we don't do all this for any other type of travel. And more terrorist attacks happen in cars if I am not mistaken. (which I admit I may be) But you don't see us having to drive our cars through scans and submitting our passengers to random checks every time we hit the freeway.

Why am I surrounded by people who talk to no one in the room only those on the other end of their electronic device of choice? Myself included.

Do all of the supplies and workers go through check points as well? Cause if not all of this is worthless.

Will my cell phone really mess up the plane? Cause if so why do even let people carry them on? Cause last time I flew next to and older lady and she did not hear them say to turn them off and had hers on the whole time. We did not crash.

Okay time to board!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back where it all started

I am heading back to Minnesota to attend Cross Cultural Church Planting School for a week. I will spend the week at the Evangelical Free Church of America headquarters with a large group of people seeking knowledge about (you guessed it) church planting.

I ask for your prayers as I will be in class from 8-5 everyday. It is my prayer that the information presented with have time to sink in and really transform my thinking. At the same time I will be able to tune into how God may be leading and preparing me for my future work in Rome.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

I wanted to share with you an exciting project that my sister, Krista and I are working on. (she is working, I am enjoying) For those of you who don't know I have two sisters and Krista is the one who is 2 years younger than me. She spent the last few years in Burkina Faso (that's a little tiny part of Northern Africa, if you weren't sure) with the Peace Corps and is hoping to return soon on her own. Krista and I both enjoy taking pictures (if you had not noticed) so she has taken the time to set up shop on an online community of handmade items for sale.

From her online shop called Dots on a Map, she will be selling pictures that each of us have taken during our travels. Mostly images from Burikna Faso and Rome, but as we see more of the world you will see more and more places pop up on that site. She has determined to donate half of the proceeds from the sales of our images towards my Rome Fund. I tell you this because many of you have commented how much you have enjoyed my pictures from my Vision Trip, and now you have the opportunity to own them, if you so choose and half the proceeds will also go towards my ministry in Rome while Krista will use the other half to get herself back to Burkina Faso to work and live there.

So when you have a moment or two take some time to browse the selection she has up so far, with more to come in the future you can bookmark the page and comeback again and again.

Happy shopping!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Last night around 7:30pm West Coast Time (3:30am Italy) a 6.3 or so earthquake rattled people in the medieval city of L'Aquila awake as their city began to crumble around them. L'Aquila is the capital of the Abbruzzo mountain area about 60 miles (95 km) northeast of Rome. The quake was felt in Rome as well, but as of yet no reports of damage, or life's lost in Rome.

In and around L'Aquila it is a different story. News reports are claiming as many as 90 people have died in the quake, and tens of thousands have lost their homes.( There are reports of many of the ancient buildings having collapsed including a dormitory many churches and apartments. One four story apartment in this video is compacted into no more than a pile of rubble, with people believed to still be trapped within. Rescuers are working to save as many lives as possible.

Many of the surrounding structures while still standing are damaged with large cracks and holes. L'Aquila is a city of about 70,000 and with so many people experiencing loss and displacement, please join me in praying for them as they deal with this devastation.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Road to Rome

I am back from my Vision Trip to Rome! I had such a great time getting to know my Team Leaders, Brian and Sarah, living in what will be my new neighborhood, and learning more about the city and the people that God has invited me to do life with.

Allow me to share a few of the highlights of my time in Rome. I spent much of the time with Brian and Sarah, over meals in their apartment or wandering the city as Sarah offered her abundant knowledge of the city with me. We also spent time hashing out our vision as a team, and sharing our hearts with each other.

One of my favorite days was Sunday, we went to church, which was such a great service and then we spent the remainder of the day with three ladies from the States who had come to Italy to see how their church at home might partner with the Church here in Italy. They took us to lunch and then we spent the afternoon exploring Rome together. It was so neat to see how God is moving all sorts of people to impact this country in different ways.

I got the chance to attend language school for the day, which was an experience. I was thrown right in, but by the end of our four hour class I had not only met people from all over the world also struggling to learn Italian but I was able to share with them about an imaginary Italian family in Italian! My teacher said, “Brava” which, in case you do not know means I was not horrible. That same night I got to help teach English in a local English speaking Italian church, another great experience that I look forward to doing again.

On my last day I was able to meet with a lady who is a leader for Campus Crusade in Rome, and I had great time talking to her about what it is like to be single and living and doing ministry in Rome. There is an elementary school, high school and college all in the neighborhood I will be living, so many opportunities to put my Young Life, youth and children’s ministry experience to good use! It is so cool how God is continuing to pull all the pieces together.

After Rome, I headed to Colorado, where I was able to catch up with old friends from college and Crescent City and attend a two day workshop on Support Team building. While I cannot claim to be a huge fan of CO, I did have a good time there and I learned a lot of useful things.

Thank you for all your prayers!

Prayer Requests and Praises:

• Praise God for my great Vision Trip! And for a good time in Colorado with friends and at my workshop.

• Pray that my new online course on Intentional Living will help me as I balance two jobs.

• Pray for the potential new Team Members that may be joining our Rome City Team!

• Praise God that I am being blessed with a Jeep to use while I am here!

Following Him,


Ps. Check out Facebook for all the pictures of the time in Rome and Colorado!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When she was a little girl my mom lived in a castle in New Jersey. It's true you can ask her about it, she loves to tell the story. I myself have not grown up in a fairytale dwelling, but I did spend the last two days sitting in a castle in Colorado Springs at Glen Erie.

Why? So glad you asked, I was attending a workshop called Body Builders Boot Camp. Sounds like something more military than missionary right? The whole point of Boot Camp was to train me to gather around me the best support team possible to join me in ministry by joining my financial team.

If you know me you know that numbers and money talk is not my favorite subject in the world, so you can understand why I was not especially looking forward to Boot Camp. Thankfully very little of what they went over had to do with numbers and figures. Most of what we talked about was building lasting relationships which again if you know me you know is one of my favorite topics!

So all in all it was a good two days spent in this room with this gigantic fireplace that oh how I wish they would have lit!

With 50 other people who are also learning how to build life long relationships with their own financial teams. There were at least 20 different organizations represented and it was so exciting to see all the people and ways God is using to spread the good news.