Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trinity's Road to Rome June Edition

June 22, 2009 Letter 6

Wow it’s hard to believe it is almost the
end of June. I have been on this Road to
Rome for 6 months now. A lot has
happened along the way. I have gone
from 0% of my monthly support to 20%.
My Vision Trip was a huge blessing and a
chance to see where God is inviting me
to join Him. Support Team Boot Camp in
Colorado was a great investment of my
time and has helped me as I build up my
own support team. My church has taken
me on as a missionary! I have completed
5 online courses, all of which are helping
me even now as I prepare to go to Rome.
The last one was especially helpful as it
was about the Roman Catholic Church.
In the picture below you will see all the
people I just met at Cross Cultural
Church Planting School in Minneapolis,
two weeks ago. We spent 5 days
together learning about different
approached to church planting.

See, I told you a lot has transpired in my
journey thus far. I have not even got to the
field yet and I am already keeping busy!
Oh I forgot to mention that I also started
some language study using Rosetta Stone,
along with that I have made a new friend.
She was born in Rome in 1930 and has
I am not the only one on this Road to
Rome God has been busy too, inviting
others to join us in Rome! Our team is
growing! I cannot give you all their names
yet, as I do not even know all of them, but
I will keep you posted as we add more
and more people to our Roman Family!
Brian and Sarah have been at work in
Rome and in their travels building
relationships with people, looking for ways
for us to get involved in the work that is
going on. Sarah just attended a
conference on the problem of human
trafficking and we are praying for wisdom
as to what our role will be in regards to
the human trafficking in Rome.

Ways you can pray:
• God would continue to raise up my support team

• As our Rome City Team grows that we might also grow together as a family

• For me as I spend my last few months with my student that it would be a sweet time together.

• For my church as they look for volunteers to cover youth ministry and as they hire a new position.

• That the Italian would really sink in quickly!

• For Sarah as she is back in language classes for the Summer

• Praise God with me for the road thus far

• Praise Him for providing my Italian Tutor

Thank you for all your prayers!
Much Love,

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