Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Press Release

Many of you have asked, "Hey Trinity, when are you leaving?" Others of you got the idea that I am already in Rome, or went on a short term missions trip and now I am back. Since there seems to be some confusion I thought I would send out a press release of sorts...


CONTACT:Trinity Kay

Rome City Team Announces Trinity to be in Rome by December 2009

Trinity Kay is planning on moving to Rome, Italy at the end of December to join the ReachGlobal Rome City Team as a long term church planter. In order for her to meet her launch date she needs to raise 100% of her support.

The amount Trinity needs to have pledged for each month is $6295. She is currently at 17% of her monthly support. People who would like to join her monthly support team can do so immediately. The faster the money comes in the sooner Trinity can join her team in Rome. All monies that are raised prior to departure go to her ministry launch funds, which pays for training, travel and relocation costs.

If you would like to join her monthly support team you can do so by clicking this link, or contacting Trinity to meet with her.


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