Wednesday, November 23, 2011

All in a day's work

I mentioned that I have been teaching English, 3 times a week to a little boy who I am absolutely in love with. Oh he is sooooo cute. And you may have seen on Facebook my post about the Great Coffee Explosion of 2011. Where I managed to turn an Italian Coffee Pot into a bomb that sent coffee all over the kitchen while my little boy and I were sitting down to play a game of Pirates. Note to all, if your Italian coffee pot is missing a small rubber ring, best forgo the cappuccino lest you want to spent the next hour cleaning someones kitchen and offering to paint. Thankfully both my little buddy and I escaped unscathed. The kitchen however was less fortunate. After doing all I could to clean up we went back to our game of Pirates. (which is our new favorite way to spend an afternoon.)

I have also mentioned that I am working with Expats Living In Rome and you can now check me out as I have been made part of the E-Team. This means that I am helping Patrizia (my apartment mate) with events, and the website as well as teaching English at locations all over Rome. Our next big Event is a fundraiser for Amnesty International which will be a evening of appetizers and games with proceeds going towards Amnesty International in Rome.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

in just one week

I have been in Rome just one week and what an easy return it has been! I was greeted with hugs and warmth at the airport by Liz and Angelo the (sister and brother-in-law of Freddy). They took me in their new car right to my new apartment where my friend Patrizia was waiting. She and a friend of hers shared a wonderful salad lunch with me. After a bit of chatting I took a nap so I would be ready to go out that night and reconnect with other old friends and make new ones at Expats.

Our Expats Group is like a huge ever changing family in Rome. It is made up of people from all over the world who are looking for a group to connect with in Rome. There are also a lot of locals who come, and it is a great way to meet friends, find jobs and network. The social part of Expats is just part of it, there are also Italian and English lessons and I have been added to the team as an English Teacher 3 nights a week. My first evening back at Expats was nice and low key and with a pretty good turn out considering it was All Saints Day.

I got to see Freddy the next day and have lunch with him, Liz and Angelo before I had to scoot off to pick up Riccardo at school. Oh how little kids can melt your heart, he ran out of his classroom and into my arms flinging himself around my neck with such force he almost knocked me down. We have since had 3 days together and I get to see him again this afternoon.

In just 7 days I have seen old friends, gotten settled into my new apartment with Patrizia and my my Russian roommate, met tons of new friends, gotten caught up with Freddy and his family, reunited with Riccardo and his family, lost 6 kl., been to 4 Expat events (Lessons), ate Sushi, adjusted to the time difference and the late nights, seen thunder and lightening storms and woken up to beautiful sunshine.

It is good to be back.