Wednesday, November 23, 2011

All in a day's work

I mentioned that I have been teaching English, 3 times a week to a little boy who I am absolutely in love with. Oh he is sooooo cute. And you may have seen on Facebook my post about the Great Coffee Explosion of 2011. Where I managed to turn an Italian Coffee Pot into a bomb that sent coffee all over the kitchen while my little boy and I were sitting down to play a game of Pirates. Note to all, if your Italian coffee pot is missing a small rubber ring, best forgo the cappuccino lest you want to spent the next hour cleaning someones kitchen and offering to paint. Thankfully both my little buddy and I escaped unscathed. The kitchen however was less fortunate. After doing all I could to clean up we went back to our game of Pirates. (which is our new favorite way to spend an afternoon.)

I have also mentioned that I am working with Expats Living In Rome and you can now check me out as I have been made part of the E-Team. This means that I am helping Patrizia (my apartment mate) with events, and the website as well as teaching English at locations all over Rome. Our next big Event is a fundraiser for Amnesty International which will be a evening of appetizers and games with proceeds going towards Amnesty International in Rome.

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