Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hitting the Road

I am heading up to my old stomping grounds in Crescent City July 11th and will be at Pelican Bay Evangelical Free Church on the 12th. I am bringing my dad and little brother along for the ride, and we will be there till Tuesday the 13th. We would love to see as many of our Crescent City Friends as possible while we are there. Please send me a message, give me a call or drop me and email, if you have time to see us those days.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trinity's Road to Rome June Edition

June 22, 2009 Letter 6

Wow it’s hard to believe it is almost the
end of June. I have been on this Road to
Rome for 6 months now. A lot has
happened along the way. I have gone
from 0% of my monthly support to 20%.
My Vision Trip was a huge blessing and a
chance to see where God is inviting me
to join Him. Support Team Boot Camp in
Colorado was a great investment of my
time and has helped me as I build up my
own support team. My church has taken
me on as a missionary! I have completed
5 online courses, all of which are helping
me even now as I prepare to go to Rome.
The last one was especially helpful as it
was about the Roman Catholic Church.
In the picture below you will see all the
people I just met at Cross Cultural
Church Planting School in Minneapolis,
two weeks ago. We spent 5 days
together learning about different
approached to church planting.

See, I told you a lot has transpired in my
journey thus far. I have not even got to the
field yet and I am already keeping busy!
Oh I forgot to mention that I also started
some language study using Rosetta Stone,
along with that I have made a new friend.
She was born in Rome in 1930 and has
I am not the only one on this Road to
Rome God has been busy too, inviting
others to join us in Rome! Our team is
growing! I cannot give you all their names
yet, as I do not even know all of them, but
I will keep you posted as we add more
and more people to our Roman Family!
Brian and Sarah have been at work in
Rome and in their travels building
relationships with people, looking for ways
for us to get involved in the work that is
going on. Sarah just attended a
conference on the problem of human
trafficking and we are praying for wisdom
as to what our role will be in regards to
the human trafficking in Rome.

Ways you can pray:
• God would continue to raise up my support team

• As our Rome City Team grows that we might also grow together as a family

• For me as I spend my last few months with my student that it would be a sweet time together.

• For my church as they look for volunteers to cover youth ministry and as they hire a new position.

• That the Italian would really sink in quickly!

• For Sarah as she is back in language classes for the Summer

• Praise God with me for the road thus far

• Praise Him for providing my Italian Tutor

Thank you for all your prayers!
Much Love,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Press Release

Many of you have asked, "Hey Trinity, when are you leaving?" Others of you got the idea that I am already in Rome, or went on a short term missions trip and now I am back. Since there seems to be some confusion I thought I would send out a press release of sorts...


CONTACT:Trinity Kay

Rome City Team Announces Trinity to be in Rome by December 2009

Trinity Kay is planning on moving to Rome, Italy at the end of December to join the ReachGlobal Rome City Team as a long term church planter. In order for her to meet her launch date she needs to raise 100% of her support.

The amount Trinity needs to have pledged for each month is $6295. She is currently at 17% of her monthly support. People who would like to join her monthly support team can do so immediately. The faster the money comes in the sooner Trinity can join her team in Rome. All monies that are raised prior to departure go to her ministry launch funds, which pays for training, travel and relocation costs.

If you would like to join her monthly support team you can do so by clicking this link, or contacting Trinity to meet with her.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why Wait

Much of what I am learning I am finding applies to life in Felton as well as it does for Rome...

Those who were in Church at Felton Bible on Sunday heard that we desire to be a Family of Families.

Today I learned that we should be a Community reaching out to our Community inviting them to join our Community.

So Felton Bible what if we expand it...

We are a Family of Families welcoming Families into God's Family!

So sweet, no?!

Also inline with Sunday's message we have been talking about each member of the family using their gifts and talents to do ministry - not doing anything that is not run and supported by the lay people.

I love when God pulls everything together.

Monday, June 8, 2009

and so I sit

I am in the San Jose airport, waiting to board my plane to Arizona so that I can get my flight to Minneapolis. As I sit waiting and thinking I have some random thoughts to share with you, don't read them as complaints as they are merely observations not at all whining.

Why do they provide you with little trays on the plane to hold all of your stuff but not in the waiting area. I mean they request I be here 2 hours early, you would think tables and ottomans would be a good thing. Or lazy boys maybe a movie or music channel? Nope just hours sitting awkwardly in plastic chairs that have suspisious stains on them.

Why when you come to the airport do they not provide bigger containers for you to dump all of your stuff into. The guy in front of me needed 5 just to hold each of his things because they could not be piled. Which in itself makes me wonder because how do they see through my bags but are not able to see through a pile?
Why does the thing I have to walk through not beep when I am wearing metal? Is it not a metal detector? What is the point of taking off my shoes?

I seriously doubt the usefulness of self check-in when the girls behind the counter have to step out and around to help each and every passenger figure out the blasted thing. Like wise why check in online and print out my boarding pass only to have to check in again at the airport?

Why do people not understand that I do not care about their phone calls here or in coffee shops so I do not need to hear every word they say. And if they are going to talk that loud, at least do it in a language I know so that I can eavesdrop properly.

I miss the days when your favorite people were standing at the gate awaiting your arrival, maybe holding balloons or flowers or at least hugging and greeting you. I just watched a plane unload its passengers all who just looked lost tired and bummed, that is not how one wants to feel after getting off the plane. They want to feel welcomed and embraced. I propose that the airline seriously consider hiring greeters like Walmart, who could at least bridge the gap fear has created.

It is sad that we have allowed fear to take the fun and excitement out of travel. Remember the days before security checks, and announcements every few min about what level terrorist warning we were in. What do those colors do for me? It's not like I am going to change my flight because it is orange vs yellow it just adds stress and removes pleasure. I would rather just not know.

Why do we automatically think that because we are in an airport we are not safe, we don't do all this for any other type of travel. And more terrorist attacks happen in cars if I am not mistaken. (which I admit I may be) But you don't see us having to drive our cars through scans and submitting our passengers to random checks every time we hit the freeway.

Why am I surrounded by people who talk to no one in the room only those on the other end of their electronic device of choice? Myself included.

Do all of the supplies and workers go through check points as well? Cause if not all of this is worthless.

Will my cell phone really mess up the plane? Cause if so why do even let people carry them on? Cause last time I flew next to and older lady and she did not hear them say to turn them off and had hers on the whole time. We did not crash.

Okay time to board!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back where it all started

I am heading back to Minnesota to attend Cross Cultural Church Planting School for a week. I will spend the week at the Evangelical Free Church of America headquarters with a large group of people seeking knowledge about (you guessed it) church planting.

I ask for your prayers as I will be in class from 8-5 everyday. It is my prayer that the information presented with have time to sink in and really transform my thinking. At the same time I will be able to tune into how God may be leading and preparing me for my future work in Rome.