Thursday, July 21, 2011

get involved right now

Dear Church Family,

I have a good friend in Rome who is not a Christian as far as I know, but she has openly asked me on Facebook to have the Church pray for her.  I believe we are called to make the most of every opportunity.  So please join me in praying for my friend Patrizia.  Because of immigration laws she has been unable to return to the United States to see her family for years and years.  Her parents are Italian and when she was a child they moved to the US illegally (from what I understand)  She grew up in New York and the US, had a whole life here, and then immigration caught up with her and she was deported, having to leave her son behind, with his father.

Her prayer request was this:

"Pray that they change the immigration laws that separate anymore families like they did to mine!"

I know this is a huge prayer request, but I believe that we have an even bigger God.  Patrizia is a mover and shaker in Rome, she heads up all the events for the ex-pat community, she is one of the most dynamic people I know.  I would love to have her experience the amazing grace of God in her life, and see what God will do in and through her.

Thanks for joining me in prayer!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grace Grace

I know it has been some time since my last posting.  Sorry about that. 

It is mid-July and today I am homesick for Rome.  I have been since I left but the sickness is setting in more each day. But, alas that is not what I sat down to share with you.  What I wanted to share is about the grace of God.  I struggled so much with walking away from my role with ReachGlobal, mostly because I feared letting people down.  Yet, I heard God's calling to live out my life with Him in a new way.  I have to be honest and say that when I wrote my letter of resignation and my letter to all my supporters letting them know of my decision to follow God's lead I had expected a backlash of disapproval and disappointment.  But, God who is full of grace knew His people, His church, my friends and supporters better than I...He knew what I needed was encouragement.  And friends I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving voice and physical expression to the Grace of God on my behalf. 

Allow me to share with you some of the responses of grace I received...

Hey Trinity,

I’m so sorry it didn’t work out for you with Reachglobal.  Please keep us posted on your Road back to Rome.  I’m interested to see how the Lord will provide & pave a way for you.  Not wanting to sound too prophetic, but I sense that His hand is on you to do what you plan.  You were meant for Rome..

yours in Christ - Sam

We’re praying for you!  May God richly bless your desire to serve the people of Rome and your perseverance in seeking a way to make that happen. 

Keep us up to date!

Aaron (and Michelle)

Hi Trinity,

Nope, I didn't get a letter from ReachGlobal.  Thank you for the update.

I'm excited to see where this new direction God has pointed you will take you.  It sounds like you have some great possibilities.  I will continue praying for you.


Hi Trinity,

Your news about Italy is both sad and exciting.  We’re saddened to see that you are leaving RG but are confident that your new goals to live and work in Italy will bear much fruit for the Kingdom.

We talked a few months ago about the You Tube video you did “I am a missionary.”  I was never able to download it and now don’t see it on You Tube.  Is it possible that you could send me a copy of it either via email or on DVD.  I’d still like to use it in my role as an Advocate.

I heard that you might be at the National Conference (I know your parents are going).  That would be a good time to exchange a file or DVD.  I hope to see you there.  If not, know that our prayers are with you in your new adventure.

In His Service/For His Glory

Dear Trinity,

You are such good communicator…I’m so glad God’s continuing so faithfully to unfold His plans for you on THIS side of the ocean!  J  Thank you for keeping me on your update list—and I hope you will continue to…you’ll still be sending out updates, right?  J 

I’m excited for you.  It’s been quite a road, but I know it’s been one of growth, leaning, learning, and trusting.  Let me guess:  you wouldn’t trade it for anything (but you also might need some distance before you signed up for the same plan again???  J  I’ve been there… J)? 

About 2 years ago a conversation with someone from the largest Protestant mission agency said that they were strategically thinking ahead and planning to put more “tent makers” in position in Europe as they were seeing the changing face of the continent.  Yes, keep following His lead, Trinity! 

Hello Friend,  Sad to see an end to "part" of your ministry but excited that you will continue to serve Him in Rome living and working among those you feel called to shine His light on.  I would love to schedule coffee with you and hear more about your future and how I can be a part of that through prayer and gifts.  Blessings to you as you continue to honor Him whom you serve.  Love Teresa

Dear Trinity,

Thank you so much for letting us know of God's most recent direction for your life and your service of love for & in Him!  We are excited for you, and will continue to pray for you and His work in people's lives there when we think of you.  I don't see how you are letting anyone down, since you will still be working as a tent-making missionary there.  I think it's great!  May He lead you to supporters and accountability partners over there as you work.
Keep us posted!

Love in Christ,
Daphne and for Brian (and Stephen) Cann

Dear Trinity,

Chuck and I are and will be praying for you.  God will open a "door that no man may close". 

your family 

Dear Trinity,
     Thanks for your informative letter about changes.  I am sorry the support didn't come, and we have to trust God for His wisdom in all details of our lives.  I will share with the mission council here about your change of plans.  I sent $, personally, to Reach Global to help with your obligations there. Blessings on you as you
pursue the next steps.   Sincerely, Janet

Trinity, very much excited for God's lead in his dance with your life. Interesting that you should put it that way-- at our Nov. Women's Retreat, our theme was "He's Crazy About You", and we also were encouraged to look at our walk as a dance with the Lord. She showed a clip of the dance scene with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, and said -- that's what God wants to do with you! I found this little clip, on that note, that I thought you would enjoy. My prayers are with you as you go... I know you will have many new dance steps to share...

I am so very excited for you!!  Enjoy the dance.

Dear Trinity,
Ron read this to me and all I could think of was now we need to start paying for a kind of time share, where we can come and stay with you when we visit Italy next time. We both like this and really have a good feeling about it. May God really go before you in an obvious way. Keep us posted. Love, Kahleen
Thanks for the update.  I am very glad that you get to return to Rome and that God is leading you in a new adventure.

Here is another possibility I ran across.  There is an opening in Rome.  It looks legit but of course you would want to make sure

Looking forward to hearing more news of what God is doing.  I am a bit confused about support.  We obviously don't send it to Reach Global, but will you be under another organization?


im proud of you kiddo!  i know God will do great things thru you. hopefully u can find an American company to work for back in Rome,so that u can have a benefits package and a steady paycheck!  maybe as a translater?  anywho,as long as i have an income, i will continue as b4 to support ya n my small way. hopefully alot of small ways will add up to give u the support u need.   :)  may God richly bless you......ur friend chris

Dear Trinity,

You have not let anyone down . . . instead, you have been a wonderful example of faith and sensitivity to God in this process.  Thank you so very much!  Go with Him, and I know you will never regret it.

In His Grace,


Hi Trinity !

     I read your “Big Changes” email, and am still very excited for you.  I did receive a letter yesterday from Reach Global, and wanted to ask you how you’d like your June payment handled.  After speaking with you at church 2 weeks ago, I pulled the EFCA envelope out of the mail and voided the check.  I’m thinking of just giving you the $ in cash, since you’re HERE, it’s your BIRTHDAY, and the money will go directly into your pocket.
Much love,

Whoo Hoo. You go girl. Keep me on your prayer list.  Our Kristi thought she was going back to Germany after her year home assignment. Now she's headed for Chiang Mai.  God's plans are often quite different from ours. Thanks for listening to Him. Paul

These are just some of the amazing Grace Filled emails I received, on top of these and others I have been the recipient of many warm hugs, gifts of money, help with a car, words of love and excitement.

Thank you for showing me the Grace of God these past few months.  You truly are some of the best supporters a girl could have.