Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why Wait

Much of what I am learning I am finding applies to life in Felton as well as it does for Rome...

Those who were in Church at Felton Bible on Sunday heard that we desire to be a Family of Families.

Today I learned that we should be a Community reaching out to our Community inviting them to join our Community.

So Felton Bible what if we expand it...

We are a Family of Families welcoming Families into God's Family!

So sweet, no?!

Also inline with Sunday's message we have been talking about each member of the family using their gifts and talents to do ministry - not doing anything that is not run and supported by the lay people.

I love when God pulls everything together.

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Mom : ) said...

I love it when God sends us the same message from different places and people all at the same time. When they dovetail together, the lights come on and I say, "That was God!"