Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When she was a little girl my mom lived in a castle in New Jersey. It's true you can ask her about it, she loves to tell the story. I myself have not grown up in a fairytale dwelling, but I did spend the last two days sitting in a castle in Colorado Springs at Glen Erie.

Why? So glad you asked, I was attending a workshop called Body Builders Boot Camp. Sounds like something more military than missionary right? The whole point of Boot Camp was to train me to gather around me the best support team possible to join me in ministry by joining my financial team.

If you know me you know that numbers and money talk is not my favorite subject in the world, so you can understand why I was not especially looking forward to Boot Camp. Thankfully very little of what they went over had to do with numbers and figures. Most of what we talked about was building lasting relationships which again if you know me you know is one of my favorite topics!

So all in all it was a good two days spent in this room with this gigantic fireplace that oh how I wish they would have lit!

With 50 other people who are also learning how to build life long relationships with their own financial teams. There were at least 20 different organizations represented and it was so exciting to see all the people and ways God is using to spread the good news.


Pastor Randy said...

What's with all the suits and ties? Pretty formal gathering at the castle, I guess. We don't even have that many on Sunday morning! ;o)

See ya soon!

robin said...

Gee, the weather looks so innocent in these pictures.
I love seeing pics of Colorado. I still miss it.
Will look forward to your being home!