Friday, March 13, 2009

All Roads Lead to Roma

After what seemed like an eternity I have arrived in the Eternal City. Bear with me through this post as I am operating on next to no sleep in what may be 2 days? Not so sure. And we are still awaiting the Daylight Savings here in Roma, so it may mess my up again.

My flight landed in Roma at 7am ish Italy time on Friday, which was 12am Thursday CA I think. Doesn't so much matter, because I am here now. I rode the train with Brian to their neighborhood which is a five min stroll from the backside of the Vatican. He kindly showed me to the apartment, to my room, and the bathroom. Then left to go to his language class. I promptly took a shower, and took a nap. I slept maybe 2 hours then got up and enjoyed the Pizza that Brian and Sarah returned with for lunch.

We then headed out to explore the neighborhood. We went to the Piazza del Popolo where we went to a church filled with monuments dedicated by people to commemorate their death or gifts to the church. There was also this fantastic bronze statue of Jesus as the Light of the World. It was the crucified Jesus but risen, as if coming out of sunbeams. A great image of Easter, and the reason why we are here. It was at the center of this church filled with images of death.
Also, while we were there we got to enjoy the musical talents of some Romans as they practiced for some performance.

Then it was time for Cafe! You know I love my coffee. From there we continued to the Tiber River and wandered along the river to the bridge of Angels and towards the Vatican, back to a bus and then to the apartment.

We just finished a fabulous dinner of tortellini with walnuts and brussel sprouts. (which I have never had, but really enjoyed.) Now it is time for Tea with Mussolini.


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Pastor Randy said...

great pics, but you movie is about a second long.

Have a great time

Love ya and good chatting with you