Monday, March 16, 2009

The Long Way

This morning I set out alone while Brian and Sarah attended their language class. My mission was to find the new "outdoor" (they moved it indoor) market. Right past the gate to the Apartment is a bookstore, and a Green Grocery with the most beautiful artichokes.

This is the view from across the street looking back towards the apartment, and the artichokes. Behind all the cars

This is my street. I took a picture, just in case I forgot.Here are some other shots I captured around the area I am living.

Like I said I was on a mission to find the market, but at a turn around I got turned around, and ended up walking at least 10 blocks the opposite direction that I wished to go. Then I hopped on a bus that had my stop, but turns out since I was headed the wrong way it took me even further from my point of interest. But never fear all was not lost. (just me) I did stop in a super market, and discovered thankfully that they carry much of the same stuff as back home as far as hair care and toiletries so that will be good. I also popped into a soccer shop, looked around and then left after I decided I did not want my little brother sporting silhouettes of naked females on his person.

Eventually I used my little Italian to ask a kind stranger which stop to get off once I was on the bus heading the right direction. He was friendly and happened to be getting off at my stop as well. Which as it turns out was only about a block from where I got turned around.

I found the market that I set out to find. It is everything I wanted it to be and more...

Anthony Bourdain eat your heart out!

I also achieved being mistaken for an Italian, even with a camera strapped around my neck! And I ordered my cafe and a had it standing up!

Finally I made my way home with out getting turned around at all and even taking an alternate bus, because apparently the 990 bus driver decided to stop for lunch or something.

All in all long, but good morning.
Plus I got my 10,000 steps in before lunch!

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Pastor Randy said...

Sweet day of shopping, what great looking food, too bad about all the graffiti. ;o(

Thanks for thinking about a soccer shirt for your bro, and yes, thanks for not getting one of "those." There is plenty other stuff forcing him to grow up too fast. :o?

Love ya, Glad you got home...finally.

Praying and it seems God is answering, once again.