Friday, March 6, 2009

March Prayer Letter

Ciao! È buono da essere vivo, Translation; it is good to be
alive! Just two days ago I was in a major car accident and
while the cars did not fend to well, all of us involved walked
away with just whip lash and bruises. Praise God! While
my car was spinning about the strange yet peace bringing
thought that flashed through my mind was, well, I know I’m
not going to die, because I know God is sending me to
Rome. Another great picture that God painted for me in
this experience was looking in the backseat after it was
over and seeing my prayers strewn across the seat. My car
was literally covered in prayers, which is evident when you
see the truck that hit us.
Another reason is it great to be alive, is that in just a few
short days I will be jumping on a plane and heading to
Rome to meet my Team Leaders Brian and Sarah
Bennetch! I will be in Rome from March 13th-March20th for
my Vision Trip. It is a chance for me to really catch the
bigger vision of what God has invited me to. Since I will be
there on the Ides of March, it turns out according to
Wikipedia that there will be a toga run through the streets of
Rome. A good blog I found on this is
Just in case you are curious.
I would love to witness a bunch of people dressed in bed
sheets running through the streets there are a few things I
am looking forward to more. I am excited to meet my
teammates, see the neighborhood in which they live, and
where I may live. I want to see Rome through the eyes of
one who will be calling it home, not as I did years ago as a
tourist. To prepare for my trip I picked up a great book
called Four Seasons in Rome. I have loved author,
Anthony Doerr’s descriptions of the eternal city. Let me
share with you what he says as spring unfolds…
“Indeed the whole city seems to be filling up, breath after
breath of springtime blowing off the hills, piles of artichokes
appearing at the vegetable stand, then fava beans, then
strawberries, as if a sequence of northbound waves are
breaking over the city. The austerity of Lent gives way:
Romans pour out of their houses and swirl through the
streets, throng the markets in Testaccio, sit hip to hip along
the benches outside the Palazzo Farnese, devouring
See, don’t you want to come and do life in this city too
introducing the Eternal City to the Eternal God so that they
might experience Eternal Life? I thought so.
Following Him,
Prayer Requests and Praises:
• Praise God that my accident was not
worse, and that I could walk away seeing
His hand at work providing peace and
• Praise God that I get to go to Rome for my
Vision Trip!
• Praise God that I get to go to Colorado to
attend a Support Team Building Workshop!
• Pray with me for continued safe travel as I
head to Rome and then Colorado and back
to Santa Cruz.
• Pray that my time in Rome and Colorado
will help immensely on my Road to Rome

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