Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back in the USA

I thought the trip home would be hard because it would be difficult to leave Roma behind. I was right...but not because I was in was just incredibly hard to leave the city. We rushed to the train station and made it just as the train pulled up! However not more than a moment after we had entered our first tunnel did the train come to a halt. Brian and I along with my luggage, some men from Germany (maybe) and some Italians were standing in between two cars with the power out in a tunnel under Roma. (plus all the other passengers on the train) At first I thought we were just pausing so they could let a train go by or maybe get something off the tracks. But as 10 min turned into 20 into 30 into 40 I began to wonder if we were victims of the train strike that we had heard about earlier in the week. Of course standing in the dark for 40 min on a train gives you plenty of time to think of all the reasons why and how this was going to mess up the rest of the day's travel. I do not travel by train a lot in the states, though I have and I am pretty sure that in the same sort of situation someone in charge would have come on a speaker or walked through the train to let you know what in the world was going on. This however was not the case in Roma. So we waited. And eventually we went. Still don't know why we stopped, but glad that we went.

We had left early so that I could be to the airport early, which was good, or I would have missed my flight. Luckily I made it just in time to board my plane. Then we remained on the runway for about an hour, because of the looming thunderstorm which had everything backed up. The flight was full but I was at the beginning of a section, so I had extra leg room, which was nice. I could even put my feet up on the wall in front of me, an added bonus. Unfortunately the young guy sitting next to me was pretty antsy and could not stop moving. And he had an iphone or ipod, that he played racing games on which required him to swish back and forth and throw his elbows around. All in all not my favorite 9 hours of my life but it was not a bad flight.

I think we somehow arrived on time in DC but it took over an hour to get through customs and all that, so I missed my plane to Colorado by 15 min. Which was actually not a horrible thing, because it gave me a chance to grab some Starbucks and check my phone messages and just not be on a plane for a min or two.

The flight to Colorado was only a little over 3hours or so. And was fine, aside from the guy in front of me who decided to recline his seat into my lap. I just do not understand why they even make airplane seats recline. It really makes no sense. I think that his reclining would not have been quite as annoying if he could ahve refrained from continually throwing himself backwards, causing my drinks to slosh, my pen to jump and my knees to be bumped.

Needless to say I am glad to be here in Denver, after having slept, enjoyed a morning coffee (not the same as yours Brian, but I am staying with a Barista so not bad.) and a yummy waffle.

It is quite here. No cars honking or trucks rattling windows or people speaking loudly into their cells. It is so quite.


Rome City Team said...

Trinity, hi. I'm just reading your blog. I forgot to tell you that I found out later from some people who missed their flight that there had been a disabled train sitting on the tracks somewhere in the middle of Rome that messed everybody up! Thought you'd want to know. I hope you get out of Denver soon. Brian

robin said...

I'm glad you have finally made it home!! I'll bet you're just a little tiny bit exhausted, right? Well, when you wake up you can tell us all about Colorado. I never did know what you were supposed to be learning there.