Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In just two weeks I will be finishing up with my official work at Felton Bible Church and I will have 100% of my time to dedicate towards going to Rome! It is hard to say farewell to the students as their leader, but I trust that I am leaving them in God's hands and I can already see Him providing for them in big ways as He is also providing for me.

Many of you have been joining me in prayer regarding an upcoming training in Minnesota this October, praying that I might get to attend and not have to wait until the next time it is offered in April. Thank you for your prayers! God has seen fit to answer and I do get to attend the Pre-field Training Live Event from October 7th-15th! This is exciting news because it means I am one huge step closer to leaving for Rome and joining my team!

Speaking of my City Team, there is exciting news there as well! I just got word a week or two ago that I have two almost three new teammates joining the team. Brian and Sarah my Team Leaders, just got the opportunity to host Zach and Naomi as they came for their Vision Trip to Rome a few weeks ago! After the trip I found out that they have accepted the call to join our team in Rome, and that Naomi is pregnant! So really it will be Zach, Naomi and the new baby joining us in the Eternal City!

God is doing some pretty amazing things and I am getting more and more anxious to get to Rome and start serving along side my new teammates! Thank you all for your ongoing support and prayers! My monthly support is continuing to come in and with each new donor I am that much closer to starting this new life in Rome that God has invited me to! SO THANK YOU!!!

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