Monday, October 12, 2009

The Why

"We are missionaries because God is a missional God. God has a plan that he started in the book in Genesis that He carries on though all of history."


Stated in a slightly different way, "I AM A MISSIONARY BECAUSE GOD HAS A MISSION." Meaning to me that I am joining God in His mission and that in doing so I am allowed to participate with God in the work of building His Kingdom here on earth. It is God's heart to see all people enter into a relationship with Him, to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
God's Mission: From Eternity to Eternity is Kingdom Building, which is why it makes sense to leave family and comfort behind to join Him in this work. This has been a comfort to me as I prepare to leave behind the comforts of a culture that I know and a family who loves me, whom I love. To know that, not only can I do this, but was created and called to make disciples of all nations.


I could not acknowledge that truth without thanking God for His kindness that He revealed Himself to us
and that He loved His creation so much that He has a plan to redeem it
and that I have the
to be just a small part of His plan.



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Pastor Randy said...

I guess my preaching has not been too far off. ;o)