Thursday, November 12, 2009


There are over 7000 languages.
My mouth is capable of make over a million sounds and I normally only make 44.
My how we limit ourselves.
God created all these (some of you may say we, mankind did, but He gave us the ability and capacity to do so)and speaks fluently to all people everywhere all at the same time.
I always picture God speaking English.
Oh how I limit Him.
These are just some of the things that I have words for, there is so much more happening in my mind that even with all these new sounds I am not able to express yet. Which in itself is a crazy thought.
I listened to and spoke in Russian and Jeh, and English and Phonetics, and a few other languages today.
I know much more of languages than I am capable of expressing vocally at this point.
My mouth and throat hurt, because they are being given a workout like never before.
Just when I think I have reached my limit we learn more.
All of this information just makes me want to learn more...
More language, more sounds, more ways of learning, more about God, more about people and why we talk the way we do and why we use one word instead of another.
Somehow by pushing the limits I have created new ones, which seem to be moving and changing constantly.

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