Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stress Release

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So maybe you are not like me and you do not get stressed out by details and deadlines, but I am not a fan of either...so you may have picked up in my last few posts a tension. My apologies. Finally the overwhelming amount of stuff on my plate, good and bad and the facts of raising support and keeping track of numbers for ReachGlobal and youth group and taking an online course and two summer trips, well it got to me.

There you have it friends I am human and I do have a breaking point. That point came yesterday. Yesterday all I wanted to do was crawl into a hole and curl up and cry. But this morning I took time and met with God.

Thankfully God showed up in big ways. As I opened up my book Eugene Peterson's, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction. I opened to the chapter I was on and low and behold it was on Perseverance. Gee God is good at this stuff.

There is so much in this chapter which is all based on Psalm 129, that could not have applied to my life more in the moment than it did today.

I took a break from writing...Youth Ministry showed up in my office :)

Like I was saying I just love when God reveals himself to me, when he meets me in my moodiest moments and say's "hello, I am still here. I am still in control. I knew you were going to get overwhelmed, and I have prepared you for this moment." Don't you love when God is there to comfort you and remind you of his hand at work.

Since Tuesday I have been more relaxed, not because money started pouring in, but because I was able to sit down with God and be reminded that He is God, he is in control. He is preparing me even now for the work he has called me to. Right now I am learning what it means to persevere. I am being equipped for a long on going journey with Christ. I don't pretend to have God's timing all figured out, or even his plan for my life, but it is encouraging to know there is a plan and he is not only with me here and now but is walking with me, beside me and before me preparing not only the way but also this servant for the ministry he has asked me to do.

Friends, thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your support, and thank you for journeying with me. For putting up with my highs and lows and offering help along the way. You are such a vital resource and a huge blessing.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice comment! I've read your story and why you're coming to Rome and it sounds so interesting! I won't be here anymore in December but I'm already looking forward to follow your blog and see how it's going! Rome is an amazing city and ready to hear the words of God! I wish you a great preparation until you're coming! You'll love Rome!! Take care and tanti saluti di Roma!!