Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Day's Ahead Lets Pray

This Thursday I am going on a Road trip with one of my Supporters, Renee Shebanek to visit 8 churches and 2 businesses with the hope of gathering the remainder of my support!!! Oh you have no idea how excited we (her and I) are about the possibilities!  Please be praying with us this week and on Thursday that God will work through Renee and her fantastic connections to provide the rest of the support that I need.

Ways to Pray:

  • Pray that for safety as we travel to each location 
  • Pray for us as we plan what to say, what to leave at each stop and how to present our heart/God's heart for the Italian people
  • Pray that God will be preparing the hearts and minds of all those we share with.
  • PRAY THAT GOD PROVIDES THE REMAINING $1842 I need so that I can leave in June!!!
Also you are all invited to join us in prayer the following Thursday as well Thursday May 20th 7pm at Felton Bible Church.  Where we will be joining together in person to pray!  Hope you can make it and if you cannot be there, that you will join us in praying during that time.  

I am Excited to see how God is going to provide, I hope you are too!  Thanks for all your prayers!!!

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Sarah B said...

Oh Trinity we FEEL the anticipation along with you! Our hearts are expectant. We will lift you up in prayer and we are with you in spirit. Trusting the Lord will complete the work (this stage of it!) that He has begun! Baci & abbracci!!! Sarah and Brian