Friday, January 14, 2011

12:04 am

Okay well now it is 12:05 am and I just got home from leading (in Italian) our Friday night Bible Study.  It was my first time actually leading the lesson which to be sure is much more challenging in a second language.   It is one thing to be prepared, to know your material and to have your questions ready, but it is quite another thing to be prepared to lead a discussion, because there is really no telling how people will respond so you cannot possibly have all the words and concepts you will need ahead of time.  But God is good, and our group is filled with grace and understanding and patience. 

I used a short video clip called Vinyl about a guy who looses a record he loves and searches his whole apartment looking for it.  When he finds it he throws a party and invites all his friends.  It is a silent film except for the music.  After watching the film we dove into our discussion and then dug into scripture and read the story of the woman who lost 1 of her 10 coins.  We continued discussing the similarities and differences in these stories as well as what they show us about God and then what our new found knowledge requires of us now.

Overall I think things went pretty well. 

Normally this would be the end of a week of school and the beginning of my weekend, but this month we have school on Saturdays to make up for the days we missed during our Christmas break.  So now that it is 12:16am I am heading to bed so that I can get up bright and early and head to school.


Brittany said...

There's a little of the shepherd looking for the one lost sheep in that story too.

Yay for leading your first study! One down thousands more to go! :)

Elaine said...

Reading this is so inspiring and exciting (and a wee bit scarey) ;-). You have been on my heart for days and I pray for you daily. Just thought I'd check in to see how you are.