Thursday, July 21, 2011

get involved right now

Dear Church Family,

I have a good friend in Rome who is not a Christian as far as I know, but she has openly asked me on Facebook to have the Church pray for her.  I believe we are called to make the most of every opportunity.  So please join me in praying for my friend Patrizia.  Because of immigration laws she has been unable to return to the United States to see her family for years and years.  Her parents are Italian and when she was a child they moved to the US illegally (from what I understand)  She grew up in New York and the US, had a whole life here, and then immigration caught up with her and she was deported, having to leave her son behind, with his father.

Her prayer request was this:

"Pray that they change the immigration laws that separate anymore families like they did to mine!"

I know this is a huge prayer request, but I believe that we have an even bigger God.  Patrizia is a mover and shaker in Rome, she heads up all the events for the ex-pat community, she is one of the most dynamic people I know.  I would love to have her experience the amazing grace of God in her life, and see what God will do in and through her.

Thanks for joining me in prayer!



Anne said...

Will pray! Hope all is well with you, when will you be back in the Bel Paese?

trinity said...

not sure, ASAP