Monday, August 30, 2010

54 Days in Roma

Today is my 54th day living in Roma, just in case you forgot :) 

Life here is going exceptionally well.  I am making new acquaintances and  friends almost everyday.  This is such an answer to prayer, as I thought it would take so much longer to develop good relationships.  I have finished my first month of Language School and I passed my exam!  Praise God!  I have not been lost in quite sometime, and I have a pretty good handle on all forms of public transportation.  Our home group is still diverse and I love our times together each Friday night.  (we start at 8pm and I don't get home till 12:30am, being a youth pastor was good practice)  I also love attending church in Trestevre each Sunday, and have been blessed with a warm welcome each time I attend.  The lyrics of the worship songs are beginning to resonate with me, and when the preaching is slow enough I can get the gist of the sermon.

I firmly believe that all of these positives are in  response to your prayers-THANK YOU and please continue to lift me and the people of Rome up in prayer!

Ways to pray:

  • That God would provide me with the right Apt. SOON! One that would be great for ministry and time with all of my new friends.
  • That I would move from knowing the "rules" (I use that term loosely) of Italian to being able to really put them to good use.
  • That God would continue to meet my financial needs!!!
  • For my coworkers  here in Italy
  • For my new friends

***With that said, if you had committed to support me for a given amount, I REALLY NEED YOU to follow through with that commitment.  And if you have thought about joining my support team, but have not done so yet, NOW would be a fantastic time to do so.  Just drop me an email and I can get you all the details.  If you ARE SUPPORTING ME and are on top of it THANK YOU! 

It is hard for me to express to you how lovely it is to be supported by so many people who make ministry here possible, the need is GREAT!  Your love, prayers and support mean a lot to me, but also to what God wants to do in the Hearts and Minds of the people here in Rome! 

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