Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When your world shuts down

I knew, but I did not understand that life here in Roma in August all but stops.  Sure there are still massive amounts of tourists, but for the most part every mom and pop shop closes.  I knew this, I had read it in countless books, but until this week I did not realize the full effect that this would have on my day to day life.  You see it is not only the mom and pop (mama and papa negozi) shops that shut their doors (chiudere le loro porte) Ikea stops stocking, restaurants stop serving, mailboxes etc. stops shipping, and real estate agents stop showing.  Turns out that this is not the time to be searching for apartments (non il tempo alla ricerca di appartamenti in Roma)

Ah well, this too shall pass.  And with the time I have time to study my Italian (il tempo di studiare il mio italiano), and get to know my new friends(di conoscere i miei nuovi amici).  I have time to spend with God (ho tempo per stare con Dio) and time to explore my new city(tempo per esplorare la mia nuova città)! Non c'è' male!

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