Friday, September 17, 2010

A Casa

I have been in Rome for 2 months and 10 days (but whose counting) and during that time I have stayed with a girl from my home group and then in the apartment of Brian and Sarah my team leaders while they have been on home assignment in the states for the past 2 months.  Before moving to Rome I shared a bunk bed and room with my little brother and prior to that my friends graciously allowed me to stay in their extra room while I raised my support.

I have not had a real "home of my own" since May 2009...Which is why I am so excited to tell you that God has provided me with a fantastic new place to call home, and just in the nick of time!  Brian and Sarah return a week from today, and I really wanted to have a place to move into before their return.

So, just when I had reached the end of my rope, when I had lost all hope of finding an apt in this neighborhood, that fit the bill God showed up in big ways!  On Wed, I called home and asked my mom to pass along a prayer request to my faithful prayers that meet on Wed mornings.  I knew that if God was going to listen to anyone He would totally hear these saints prayers!  I asked them to pray for the following:

  1. An apt near Brian and Sarah's. (in Balduina)
  2. A place I could afford.
  3. If they really wanted to be specific a place by next week
  4. And even more specifically by the park and train station I had gone to pray in that day.
I woke up on Thursday morning to find an email in my inbox from an Apt Agency (which I get everyday) but when I clicked on this ad, it opened up this page.

Which told me, that this apt. was available for rent just a 4 min walk from Brian and Sarah's apt.  That it was the right size and price.  That it is across the street from the train station, that it is a 2 min walk from the park. And they want to rent to a foreigner.

Can you say THAT WAS GOD!

It gets even cooler...I emailed a friend across the street who has better Italian skills than I and asked him to call about the place for me.  He did, and so when my phone rang during my 15 min caffè break Thursday morning at school and a Realtor who spoke English wanted to talk to me about the Apt, I was so excited!  He called the Land Lady and we had an appointment set up for today before I was done with my cappuccino!

Today I went alone to look at the apt. because I figured that the Realtor who spoke English would be there.  He was not and in his place was a woman who spoke no English and the Land Lady who spoke limited English.  But by then I knew I was supposed to have this apt., so I just did my best in Italian.

They showed me the apt.  I was instantly sold on it.  It is furnished which is something originally I was against, but after being here I have discovered that my funds just don't go very far, and that I cannot afford to furnish an apt.  So it is really for the best.  It has an entryway, a nice size living room/dining room, a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and balcony, a large built in closet in the hallway.  The kitchen is new and big enough for me to start cooking some amazing dinners for all my new friends soon! The bathroom even has a washing machine, the living room even has a TV and a hide-a-bed. 

All of this is made even better because after I sign papers next week, I can move in!  I will have a home! 

Thank you for all your prayers!  God heard them...and he even heard the desires of my heart, as there is a chandelier in the bedroom, which is just one of those things I had wanted.  God is Good!


Pastor Randy said...

Hey Kid!

The place looks great! Even has plants on the patio that you can "kill." ;o)

I will be praying that all will go as planed and you can sign those papers and get moved in and start "cookin' for the Lord!"

Love ya,

trinity said...

Thanks Dad, I forgot to mention on the blog, that our lesson at school yesterday and today were about renting an apt. So God knew I was going to need to speak Italian and made sure I was prepared!

The plants are already gone, I think they heard I was coming :)

Mom : ) said...

God doesn't miss any of the details. I love that your language lesson yesterday was about renting an apartment! : )

Elaine Wyler said...

Trinity. Love your apartment! Can't wait to see it in person. God is so incredibly good. It's so good to read your blog. Thanks for giving such a real picture of day to day life.

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I love that your language lesson yesterday was about renting an apartment! : )

Thank You..