Saturday, September 11, 2010

Little Things

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty down.  Some may have been quick to call it homesickness, but for me I just felt like I had lost myself.  I missed having the ability to communicate, I missed being able to hang with gals, I missed simple things like going to movies, and coffee with friends, but mostly being able to express who I am. 

In the afternoon I let go and told God how I was really feeling, I even let the tears flow.  I wrote my thoughts, my prayers I poured out my heart.  Then I went to our Friday night home group and you know what, God answered my prayers.  The girls were all back from vacation!  And in fact we had so many people and two tables that we ended up sitting ladies at one table and guys at the other.  It seems I am not the only one who was desiring to have some girl time.  Then during our Bible study time, I found enough words to stumble through a few thoughts, and I actually followed the whole study!  Another answer to prayer.  After we were done a few of the girls and I made plans to get coffee this week!  Yet another answer to prayer!

Then there was today.  Another whole day to fill alone.  I had really wanted to go to the beach, but it seemed that it was not in the cards, so I decided to take myself to the mall.  I had been there once, but in a car with others.  This time I took the metro and a bus, and made it with no problems.  If you have not been shopping in Italy you may not know that the sizing here is enough to make you feel like an elephant if you are even just an American size 12, you could have a hard time finding clothes.  But, I had found one store on my last visit where I had found a shirt, so I went hoping to have a bit of luck.  What I had was more than luck, it was yet another answer to prayer!  I found exactly what I had gone looking for.  I am still in shock.  Not only because I found the clothes but because they fit beautifully, and the store clerks were more than helpful!  And you know what else this means, I have lost weight since getting here another answer to prayer!

So thank you all for all your love and prayers.  I know that not all of this is what you expect to hear when you read a prayer update, but you should know that sometimes when you are away from everything you know it is in fact the little things that can give you the strength to keep on keeping on.


Rome City Team said...

You go girl! I know just how you feel. Praises for the tunout on Friday! Love, Sarah

Brittany said...

Yay for answered prayers! Beautiful outfits too!