Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Blessings!

Sometimes it is the little things that just bless my socks off!  A few days ago I was skyping with my sister in CA and saying how difficult it is to find good soap/facial cleanser here in Rome.  Seems like they are all just milky liquids with no real power.  Then yesterday a girl who has been attending our home group on Friday nights stopped by to drop off her suitcase for me to keep while she heads to Sicily for Christmas.  She has finished her semester her and needed to be out of her room.  But here's the thing, when she cam she also came with 3 big bags of stuff she and her roommates could not fit in their suitcases to take home.  Two big bags of goodies for me to enjoy.  What fun!  I opened them up and you know what?  One whole bag was toiletries, many of which were from the states, and there was one large tube of Neutrogena foaming facial cleanser!  I know it is a simple little thing, but it made my day!

The other bags had clothes and kitchen spices also fun and much appreciated!  In fact I am wearing a totally new outfit today and loving it!

Also, my Christmas Package from my family arrived yesterday, in time for Christmas!

Yesterday was a good day.

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