Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Two out of three ain't bad

For my new ministry I was given a book by ReachGlobal on raising support. In that book it strongly encourages the missionary to pray faithfully for those whom they ask for support, and also that we should pray specifically about each potential supporter. I read that portion of the book before I even made it home to CA and I started out praying faithfully for my supporters, even adding pictures of them to my computer screen saver, so that every time my computer in resting faces of people who are receiving my prayer letters are playing reminding me to pray for them. I love it. I picked great pictures too, so they make me smile.

I tried praying for specific donations a little, but not nearly as faithfully as I have prayed about other things. So today when my morning Bible Study was on the passage in Luke about not worrying about the clothes you wear or the other things you may need, but trusting God to provide, I decided it was as good as time as any to begin to get more serious in asking God to meet my needs.

In my prayer I asked God to provide three people at the prayer meeting I was heading to who would be on my support team. And I even asked Him to provide a specific amount from one person. I walked into the prayer meeting and one lady gave me a hug and told me she would be giving exactly the amount I had prayed about. Then I turned around and another told me she had pledged to give. I was in awe. Though I don't know why I haven't figured out that God answers prayer. I sat down thinking well God, two out of three ain't bad.

While we were meeting my phone rang, and someone left a message. I got out to my car and listened and they had said that they would like to support me financially! Okay so God is, well God!

Just had to share, cause I love watching God provide and continue to surprise me and teach me faith.

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