Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hello there friends, I wanted to let you know that Brian and Sarah my team leaders in Rome are currently heading to Haiti in response to a call put out by ReachGlobal/TouchGlobal for help...

This is the Email Brian and Sarah sent out:

Dear praying friends,

On Sunday morning, as Sarah and I were getting ready to go to our Italian church service, we received an e-mail from the ReachGlobal area director in Latin America. They were looking for French-speakers to go to Haiti to help with relief work. We sat down to breakfast and began considering the possibility. By the time we left the church service we had our answer. Pastor Ivano preached on Mark 14:1-9 about the woman who annointed Jesus with the expensive perfume. He pointed out that if she spoke any words, that is not what is recorded in the story. Her actions were what mattered in this case. He called the congregation to seize the opportunities that are before us. It is also interesting to note that he advises us in the same passage that we will always have the opportunity to reach out to those in need. We went home and bought plane tickets.

We ask for you to pray for our time in Haiti and for the tremendous needs there. We know almost nothing about the details of what we will be doing and where. We fly through Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, January 27th. From there we may help the Vision of Hope Ministries bring a vehicle from the DR to Haiti. Here is their website: . You can find out more about helping by clicking on that link. We also recommend you check out Touch Global's site:here We may be organizing other teams coming to help. Pray for direction of every kind for us, from touchdown in Santo Domingo. We want to be poured out like precious nard.

We expect to be in Haiti for the whole month of February. We have a flight schedule back to Rome on February 28th. Pray and give.

I too have been feeling God asking me to be willing to go to Haiti, since I am here waiting to go to Rome. I do not speak French and have less Cross Cultural Experience than Brian and Sarah, so I was not sure I could be an asset to the work there. After talking to God about it, I felt the need to let ReachGlobal know that I am willing should they choose to use me.

I got the go ahead from Mike Davis to let the guys in charge of our effort there know I have his approval to come, I am now waiting to hear back about whether or not they would like me to come.

Here are some thoughts that I would like to share with you in regards to all of this:

1. God's timing and provision is just what we need when we need it...meaning had I arrived in Rome when I wanted last month Brian and Sarah may not have felt the freedom to go and help in Haiti for a month.

2. When I went through my hiring process with ReachGlobal there was a point during the week long interview that I came to the realization that I needed to be willing to go wherever God needed me. Rome, yes. Places less in my comfort zone, yes...I want that willingness to be used by God and follow His prompting to always remain more important than my time schedule or idea of my future.

3. If they decide they need me in Haiti, I will have a great opportunity to serve along side my Team Leaders, to get to know them better, and perhaps be prepared for some future ministry that God has for us back in Rome.

4. When I was a Youth Pastor I was always telling my students about living the life God has for you, putting His will first. If I do not live out that truth I have no business asking them too.

So, I invite you to join me in prayer for Brian and Sarah, for the people already serving in Haiti and of course for the people of Haiti. I also ask that you continue to lift me up to God, that I might have wisdom and a continued willingness to Go wherever He desires, whenever He desires.

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