Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wouldn't you just LOVE and iPod Touch?!

In the hope of creating more way's for my friends and supporters to Show Me The Love and get personally involved in getting me to Rome to plant churches I have come up with friendly competition!


Here is how it works...
You have from now until the end of February to Show Me The LOVE by drumming up as many new monthly supporters as you can for My Road to Rome.

For each new monthly supporter you secure, giving a minimum of $5 a month, you will get a raffle ticket entered in the Show Me The LOVE Raffle increasing your chance to win an iPod Touch loaded with Italian Love Songs and Pictures. (which you can later replace with the things you LOVE)

1. Contact your friends and neighbors, share with them about Reach Global and the work I will be doing in Rome. If you need more info just ask or look over the Blog.

2. If they are interested in joining my monthly support team get me their name and number and I will contact them. If they sign up I will let you know, and put a raffle ticket into the raffle for you to win and iPod Touch!

3.On February 28th at 7pm I will draw out one ticket from the raffle and that person will win the iPod Touch loaded with Italian Love Songs and Pictures!

***At least 5 names must be entered into the Raffle by the drawing on the 28th or all entries will be invalid.

What I LOVE about this contest:
It gives you a chance to be more intimately involved in my journey to Rome!

It broadens my Support base!

It is more creative and fun than just calling people!

I might get to go to Rome sooner with your help!

The family of God is working together to build the Kingdom of God!

People who are not able to give monthly themselves may have friends who can and this way they can still feel like they are helping in a big way!

Alright, the contest starts now and I will give you updates along the way! Tell your friends or just invite them to join my monthly team so you have a better chance at wining the iPod Touch! (whichever you prefer)

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