Friday, July 30, 2010


It is just a bit before 7pm here in Roma, and the thunder clouds that have come and gone all week long have finally joined forces covering the entire Roman sky in gray.  The thunder is echoing off every surface of the city, seemingly coming from every direction.  The streets are all the sudden filled with people rushing to get to where they need to be before the rain that is threatening to fall carries through.  Flashes of lightening fill the air, right before my window and off in the distance all in the same breath.  There is a new smell in the air, not the hot asphalt, sweat and trash that lingered in the sun, but the sweet smell of a coming rain.  Church bells compete with the crashing thunder.

I have been waiting all week for this moment.  I awoke this morning looking toward the sky praying that I would be able to witness this city as I have read of in books, with the lightening putting on a spectacular show as the thunder offers the sound effects.  And here I am sitting in the window watching it play out.

There is something about a rain that brings refreshment, and that is what today has been for me.  A day of refreshment.  A day to spend time with God, a day to thank my supporters as I wrote out over 40 post cards, a day to thank God for this city and the people in it.  A day to refocus and be refreshed before Language School begins on Monday.

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Pastor Randy said...

May the Light of God streak across your city, and may the sound of His Voice be heard through the proclamation of His Word and may the refreshing rain of His Spirit bring new life to all who come under His showers.

Bring the rain, O Lord!