Thursday, July 8, 2010

All Roads Do Lead to Rome

It was a long Road that's for sure, but now after 30 years of following God's path I have made it to Rome.  As I write I am gazing out over the city, with the Colosseum just beyond the trees, and Circus Maximums to my left along with part of the Ancient city wall.  The breeze is a welcome companion as it blows through my open window, carrying with it the sounds from the streets below.  I plan on exploring those same streets tomorrow, as there is a planned strike, and I won't be leaving my neighborhood till later in the evening to attend Home Group.  I know there are 2 parks, lots of shops, I saw 3 desert places, and a few home stores.  Tomorrow I will also go get a keys made at the hardware store just in case I should lose my set.  Tonight I am heading over to Brian and Sarah's for dinner and will attempt to make it there on my own, jet lag and all, and then back again I suppose.

More later, my eyes are tired.  Thanks for all you have done to get me to this, my new home. 


Aaron and Michelle said...

Awesome! You made it! What a testament to God's faithfulness.

Sam and Sarah said...

We are saying "awesome", too! So excited for you and that we will be able to say the same thing for ourselves in about 2 weeks.

Sam and Sarah said...

We are also saying, "awesome"! We are gearing up to be in the same spot as you in just about 2 weeks. Except we'll be in DRC not Rome. :)