Tuesday, July 20, 2010

12th day at 12pm in Rome

Today marks my 12th day living in Rome. ( I was going to title the blog; The Twelve Days of Roma, but decided that would make this a very long and drawn out blog with a stupid title. )

I awoke after my second night of good sleep in a row.  This is because on Sunday I found the only open store in my neighborhood and bought a fan and ear plugs.  The fan because it has been roasting here, 38C which is 100F plus the humidity.  And the ear plugs because every night about 11pm a festival down the street begins to play Jazz for a few hours, and then at 12:30am (00:30) - 4am there is some sort of club or party happening every night playing a loud thumping base.  So, after two good nights of sleep, I awoke at 7am to get ready for my big day.

I got up got ready found directions to the Remax Office online.  Checked my Facebook, where everyone had commented on the pictures of the apartment I am considering renting.  Most comments were not encouraging.  But I finished getting ready, and decided I had time enough to stop at my new favorite neighborhood coffee bar and start the morning right with a Cafe Freddo.  Yummy goodness.

I finished my coffee just in time to jump aboard the 628 Bus and head all the way across Rome to the Remax Office where I was meeting with Brian and the team there to write a proposal for the apartment I looked at last week.  I was feeling a bit anxious about the apartment after all my facebook comments, so on my walk from the bus to the office I talked to God, and let Him know my hearts concerns.  He promptly reminded me of John 14:27
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Just what I need to hear.  We met with the lovely agents, who kindly spoke in English for my benefit, we got the proposal all worked out and signed and stamped.  (they love to stamp things here in Italy)
They took my proposal to the Condominium Owners meeting today and I should get an answer soon. 

I want to stop and thank those of you who gave me your honest opinion on the apartment, even though it looks like I did not listen, know that I did.  I double/triple checked with Brian and Sarah and the people at Remax and all agree that this is a Sweet deal, in a fantastic and safe neighborhood in Rome.  They are all very in favor of me getting into this place.  I even asked Brian if he would let his daughter live there, and he assured me he would.

So folks, there you have it one more thing accomplished.  Thus far we have gotten me all my official papers, and an Italian bank account, and now with my apartment proposal in I can safely say we have accomplished all the main things we needed to do before Brian and Sarah leave for the States for a few months.

I am also happy to report I have gotten the chance to attend two church services in Italian and have had the privilege and joy of attending our Home Fellowship Group twice and picnic once.  The group that we meet with to study the word of God is so exciting to me because it is so diverse and passion filled.

In attendance thus far there have been 3 sisters from Moldova, 2 brothers and their uncle from Bangladesh, 1 girl from France, 1 Italian and 1 girl (my current roomie) from Australia plus 7 of u from the US.  Normally there are a few more Italians and some guys from Albania.  We have a great time together, eating, sharing life, and digging deep into the Word of God.  Pray that those who do not know the God of the Bible yet would come into a deep personal relationship with Him.

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Brittany said...

Things I love from the pictures: Built in cabinets
cool looking windows/doors
Street level
Bars on the windows and doors for extra precaution...I find that comforting, call me strange. :)

If you and God are good, then who cares what the rest of the world thinks.