Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Would you like some cash with those fries?

I seriously cannot get over just how abundantly great God is. I wrote my last post this morning about needing money coming in. I had not even had time to post it yet, but God does not need to wait for me to get around to posting it. I like to think He was reading over my shoulder, because today my Dad took me to lunch. Nothing out of the ordinary there. We went to Wendy's his favorite local joint, due to the fantastic staff. He has been building a relationship with the owner for some time now, so every time we go in she greets us with a hug, and even surprises us with goodies now and again. Today we talked to her about her husband who is going in for surgery, told her that we would of course be praying for him. (please join us in our prayers for Howard.) Then being the amazing lady she is she recalled that I was going to be going to Rome as a missionary, and asked how that was going.

I told her what I just shared with you in my last post, and you know what? She walked out and got a check from her husband who was waiting in the car right then and there. I know that I am praying for her and her hubby, but what she does not realize is that she was an answer to my prayers today!

I just cannot get over how funny and surprising and all knowing our God is! I had to share with you this story because it brought such joy to my heart, and because I would love if you will join me in praying for Patty and Howard this week.


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Anonymous said...

This is a God moment!!!
I am excited for you Trin.