Monday, June 14, 2010

Got the Passport, but not the Visa

Well, like the title says, I got my Passport, but the visa requires a round trip ticket, so that was a no go.

However! You may have noticed that ReachGlobal was able to lower my monthly total because of the decline in the value of the Euro. So, that means I am at 86% and only need $850 more a month.

So, in 4% I can purchase that ticket, and get the visa process started, many of you who got my last newsletter clicked on a link to give, however if you have not given  before it could take up to a month for that to show up in my account, so if you just recently gave for the first time, or you are planning to give PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! Then I can count it!  Then I can get the ticket and the visa and go!!!

I have about 80 regular supporters, and so that means that if each of them could commit to $10 more a month I would be finished.  I know for some that may be easy, but for others they are already giving all they can.  So, do not hesitate, if you can give, $10 a month or $850 a month please let me know.

I am so close, but we need to have all these pieces in place in the right order to get me to Rome to start school and ministry there!

Also, enjoy the new ReachGlobal Rome Video!!!

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