Monday, June 14, 2010

Two Big Steps

Today my friend Jennifer and I heading to San Fransisco to accomplish two big steps on my Road to Rome,  so I ask for your prayers.

1st we need to pick up my New Passport!  God has already been at work on this, seeing as I mailed it in last week asking them to have it finished by Tuesday because I needed to have it to go to the Italian Consulate to turn in with my Visa application.  However God knows best, and knew that the Consulate which I thought was open on Tuesday's and Thursdays is actually open on Monday's and Thursdays!  So somehow He and the fantastic folks at Travel Visa Pro got my Passport done in about 24 hours!!!

You have figured out by now that our second stop is going to be the Italian Consulate.  Pray that God will be at work here as well!  Visa Applications themselves look simple, but there is a lot of other paperwork and details that one must provide to prove they are worthy of living in Italy.  Pray that I have all that I need, if you know me you know details and paperwork are things I dread.  

Thanks for your prayers!

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