Saturday, March 6, 2010

Answered Prayer and Completed Tasks

It is a pretty calm day here at the Haitian Queen, aside from our director forgetting his passport and wallet on the floor when he left for the airport early this morning and people having to go catch up to him at the Airport. Thankfully it all worked out. I am taking advantage of the slow time, to catch up on a few things and to take it easy as I am on day 9 or 10 of being sick.

I did manage to get the bunk houses set up for the 8 people arriving this afternoon, hanging bed nets and moving air mattresses out. Here are some pictures of how great the bunk houses are looking right now...

The addition of the bunk houses continues to draw the attention of the neighbors, one newly wed couple have even stopped by to get the directions, and find out what supplies they would need to make their own. We have more roofers coming on Sunday so we hope to get the tarp roof on the girls replaced with a metal one soon! But with the addition of the window tarps that Rick conjured up and the tar to patch the leaks in the tin they have stayed dry!

Other good things is that our 3 day kids club was a success, the first day there were 4 of us leading 75 or so kids and the rest of the time it was 3 of us and more kids. But even with a huge language barrier, limited equipment, i.e. a few balls, a bit of sidewalk chalk and a rope, and bandannas we managed to keep them not only entertained but share the love of Jesus with them and they with us.

I never ever want to hear someone complain about a VBS program, or budget or lack of staff. 75-85 kids 6months-15years in one room and under a tiny tarp for 2-3hours a day in 3 languages, with no budget means with the same goal accomplished as any other VBS except after and during Earthquakes and aftershocks, means I am pretty sure we make life much more complicated than it needs to be at home.

Thank you for all your prayers and support! Looking forward to coming home on Tuesday and sharing with you more in person about life and God here in Haiti.

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Brittany said...

I hereby repent of complaining about VBS. Remind me of that in August, okay?

Looking forward to hearing your stories in person Thursday! :) Melinda and I are in!