Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Looking up

I am happy to report that things here in Haiti are improving. As we drove through PAP these last two days it was evident that the heaps of garbage that had covered the streets and water ways are being cleared away! Even in front of the major market where I had witnessed some of the worst unsanitary disturbingly awful conditions the piles are almost non existent now! Praise God!

One or maybe more of the humanitarian organizations are paying locals to clean up the city and that program seems to be working! There are groups of Haitians in blue shirts and yellow shirts clearing trash, sweeping streets and even beginning to clear rubble. It is drastically different from this time last week.

The big machines have also finally come, and you can see them moving piles of concrete and and demolishing buildings that are ready to topple.

All of this is a huge answer to many, many prayers!

Our driver commented today that the streets were never clean before the earthquake, so it is even an improvement from what used to be!

Some more ways you can pray:

1. We finished our 2nd of 3 kids clubs this week. They are going well, but we are tired. I have been sick for 7 days and am pretty worn out.
2. Pray for our translators at the kids club they to are tired.
3. We are getting a heap load of new people, pray for transitions and the safety of those coming and going.
4. Praise that all those who have left have made it home safely! (I think, ROB?)
5. Our cargo is supposed to arrive in Cap Haitian anytime, please pray that God works a miracle and we can get the trucks and stuff that is on that boat out of Hawk and get them safely down here.
6. I am trying to come home the 9th, I think I have my ticket, but my itinerary never showed up in my email. :O( this was a 2 hour process, pray that it works.

Thank you for all your prayers for Haiti, for the teams here and for me. We all greatly appreciate it.

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Brittany said...

Will welcome you home, whenever that happens and continue to pray for you time in Haiti. Love you!

Bonnie & George said...

We were kind of out of things for a couple of days at the end of last week, so I was behind by 2 blogs. How terrible that you were/are sick. Was it a particular bug, or just that your physiological being had been consumed? Maybe part of each.

What a great report that the city is being cleaned up even beyond what it was before the earthquake. And that the simple construction of your "dorms" has shown others how they may help themselves to better housing. I am convinced that one of the most important elements in "development," is the planting of ideas and the empowerment of individuals to use them. Way to go!

We'll plan to organize a parade to honor you on your return if we can just get the elephants to cooperate.

Our hats are off to you, dear Trinity! We cannot wait to see you and to hear more.

We love you! G&B