Monday, March 1, 2010

15th Day in Haiti

Today I said goodbyes to 8 of my teammates, which means there is no one left here who was here when I arrived. Not an easy goodbye, but like one of them said at dinner last night, "we will be friends forever bonded by this experience." (something like that.)

It is true, when you spend 2 weeks with people in this kind of extreme environment it is something you will never forget. I have not shared much about my team, because it is hard to sum them up but I love and miss everyone who has served here at the Haitian Queen.

These four guys;Lenny, Dave, Dale and Pete along with Rob in the top picture will always be in my mind my 5 Haitian Dad's. Their love of God and their joy got me through all of the hardest days. I loved when they would as my friend Brittany says, "belly laugh" late at night in their bunks like little boys at summer camp, or gathered around in the yard or at the table. They work harder than any guys I have ever met with not one pity party or complaint. I will miss them terribly.

Linda, Mike and Barb, welcomed me with open arms and encouraged me daily to use my gifts, they too will be missed around here. All have left their mark here in Haiti and at the Haitian Queen.

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Bonnie & George said...

Dear Trinity,

It was great to have you "in person" in our worship service yesterday morning. It made the reality of your mission and ministry much more tangible to those who have no idea of what it is like.

As you are discovering, you are permanently and indelibly marked by this experience in a very positive and glorious way. These days in all-out, hold-nothing-back, over-the-top serving out of love and surrounded by love will become the benchmark by which you measure all future experiences. How incredible for you to have such encouragement and reenforcement so early in ministry. It is a God thing, and I join you in praising Him.

My cardiologist cleared me for service in Haiti. In the next breath, and at the same appointment he told me that I need a combined pacemaker/ defibrillator installed on my chest wall. That information gives me pause. Although it is not "an emergency," the doctor assures me that it will extend my life by several years, and the physiological indices which he follows to make recommendations about such treatment have reached the fuzzy point where the question is no longer "IF," but "WHEN."

I'm also continuing to have pretty heavy duty symptoms, with limitation of movement and lifting, in my right arm, from the shoulder injury i sustained when I fell getting out of the shower on Valentine's Day weekend. It is my wont, as they say, to shower every two weeks, whether I need one or not. However, after falling, I have given up ever taking one again.

Maybe all of this is Satan trying to cloud my decision making process. I don't know any more.
Pray with me that my choice will be wise - in all its dimensions.

Lizzy is quite excited that she got to drive when she and your dad went up to Paradise to Bill Brush's memorial service. She said the got to drive for a straight three hours on the way home.

The service was an incredible paean of praise to God. There were three generations of family there, plus 13 of us from FBC, plus a large, warmly loving congregation and community from Paradise. It was wonderful. It almost makes me want to be dead.

Love to you and prayers for the rapid coalescence of your new team.


Brittany said...

There is nothing like listening to the laughter of guys when they are being guys together. So fun!

I was just going through pictures of my trips to Mississippi and remembering that first trip, that first experience of bonding with the people there and the overwhelming presence of God in all that we did. That first experience is something you will never forget.

I'm praying that God will continue to use you, speak through and TO you and that as you serve God, you will be a blessing as much as you are blessed.

Miss you a lot but so proud of you. Keep going!