Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ever Changing

Life here in Haiti is never the same from day to day. The only constant is the heat and the rising and setting sun. (not that it changes the heat) Let me give you an idea of the comings and goings, shifts and craziness around here.

Monday: We thought we were doing a kids club not the case
We picked up Mark at the airport
2nd Earthquake of 4.7 close by
More people move outside under tarp

Start building bunk houses so people have the option not to sleep under cement.
3 people from CARE come to do just that.
4 new teammates arrive
Mark Leaves to stay closer to the airport

Wednesday: 2 bunk houses are well under way
Most people move outdoors

Brian and Sarah Leave
CARE team leave
One bunk house is almost finished

I tell you this not to complain, but the opposite to share with you how fantastic my team members have been here. And how God is helping to guide and direct us, how He graciously gives us wisdom and the people we need as we need them.

Our Construction Crew are some of the most amazing men I have ever worked with. I have not heard a grumble, have not seen them without a welcoming smile. 3 great friends from MA and 1 from MN and now a guy from Vancouver, and one from WI, and one who already had to go home...have worked everyday to make the Haitian Queen a place ready to welcome teams and last for years to come. They have:

Knocked down walls,built new ones, installed shelving, made benches, designed and constructed these 2 bunk houses when things seemed a little too shaky, made a stool for our cook so she can reach the high shelves, fixed generators, rewired the house, worked on solar panels, plumbing, water systems and made 9 sets of bunk beds, carried blocks, mixed cement and likely far more. All this done with a great sense of humility and humor.

They are truly a blessing and we would be in a heap of dark hot mess without them.

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Bonnie & George said...

Good job, Trinity. When I first typed that, I left out one of the "o's." I guess it's true with either spelling. Isn't it incredible how intense relationships are under the circumstances in which you find yourself. It is one of God's gifts when other comfort items are missing.

Not only are you being blessed by these volunteers, you are blessing them. You've been there a few short days, and just look at all the tangible results there are! And the non-tangible are unseen and beyond measure. Thank you for being Trinity!

Love, G&B