Monday, February 15, 2010

The Arrival

Well I made it safe and sound to PAP. And for the most part it was a pretty easy trip. We got a late start, as our plane was held up for some reason, still not sure why. But the flight from FLL to Haiti was actually much more roomy than most planes I have been on lately. They also handed out brown lunch bags with goodies which served as our Breakfast and Lunch. We touched down briefly on an island in the Bahamas called Exuma.

Then we landed in Cap Haitian where we waited for our friends from Missionary Aviation Fellowship who picked us up in a beautiful Kodiak plane. Which we loaded up with all of our luggage and flew to a smaller airport in PAP.

We were met at the airport by Mark. The Airport you should be pleased to know was invaded by the British and many many supplies. We loaded up a "Kia Truck" with the luggage and us plus all the food and stuff that was already in it. Picked up an electrician and our wonderful Haitian driver spent the next hour and half or so navigating the crazy streets of PAP.

I am still processing that part of the journey, but needless to say it was overwhelming how bad this city was damaged. And yet the people I am told spent the whole weekend fasting, praying and singing worship songs. The Whole City. They shut down everything, so that they could spend the weekend getting right with God. Sad I missed that.

I am now at our house, but till be sleeping out under a tarp and my mosquito net. I will share about that later. Those of you who know me well know my biggest fear and let me just say they found a huge one upstairs. PRAY.

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Brittany said...

Oh praying! I know how well you avoid those things, though. :)

Bonnie & George said...

Way to go, Girl! Remember, though they found a "big" one upstairs, there is an even BIGGER ONE way, way upstairs.

Too bad you left so suddenly. We had planned a launching ceremony ending with the breaking of a bottle of Martinellis over your prow...that should read, "over your brow." Sorry!

Your life is already indelibly changed - and that is a good thing. We love you! G&B

Mount Hermon Play School said...

May God give you peace about all your fears. Thank you for being willing to go. I look forward to hearing more.
My prayers are with you.