Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 5

It is so hard to believe that I have already and only been here for 5 days. I feel like I just got here and that I have been here forever.

Everyday is different, each day my role has changed, but tonight Mark (Our Fearless and intrepid leader) has suggested I..." be the go to person for volunteers when they arrive, to have figured out where people are sleeping, to communicate with rest of team/rosita who and when and how many are coming…, do team debrief when the leave, do orientation and set up monitor the house rules, to listen and invest and challenge the teams as they hang out in the evenings, to be like ‘cruise director Julie on the Loveboat’… ok, probably dating myself… and that could be you if you are willing. "

Today I spent the whole day at my computer, I know doesn't sound like life in Haiti, but part of what we are doing this week is preparing for future ministry, and that means systems and procedures need to be worked out. So today I typed, created and brainstormed how we can set up a lasting ministry here in Haiti. At the end of the day I have completed 8 documents that explain everything from Meals to Job Descriptions. Funny how skills like starting a non-profit come in handy.

At the very end of the day we found out that we are doing a kids club for 50-100 kids tomorrow morning at 9am. So I spent the last hour "planning" what that might consist of. But given that I do not know the kids, have not seen the room, don't know the language, and a millions other factors the best I can do is have a general game plan and be prepared to wing it! Looks like years of Child Care, Youth Ministry, VBS and Kids Clubs was good preparation.

All that said though, I covet your prayers for my emotions tomorrow morning. Seeing one little boy who was blind was almost more than I could bear,

Tomorrow's Bible Story is the Matt 15 version of Loaves and Fishes, I found it in Haitian CreoleThank you Jesus and I will have an interpreter,yet another new experience for me.

Please pray that the kids who come will experience the overwhelming love of Jesus tomorrow, that they will get to know Jesus a little better or for the first time if need be!

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Meg said...

praying. love you.

Mom on a Mission said...

God bless your every step Trinity.Your reward will be great in heaven. You are a testimony to so many of us. I will pray for your emotions, I believe I too and probably most of us would have a very hard time seeing the kids in need.

Pastor Randy said...

You were created for this...God has you just where He made you to be!

Holding you and praying for you,

Bonnie & George said...

Is that all you have to do?????!!!!! My goodness, It'll be a Piece of Cake! for you, with all your experience, talents and ingenuity.

Incredibly, God has been preparing you for all of this, and I do not believe Haiti is a "detour" for you. I think it is a link in the freeway God is building of your life. Kind of like how Mission Blvd connects freeways 280 and 680 in Fremont, or like 380 connects 280 to 101 at SFO. It may feel like your life is "under construction" right now. That's because it is! And I can't wait to see the glorious result.

I am really conflicted right now. I can see a role for me within the descriptions of your tasks. I am concerned about giving hands on clinical care since it is so long since I have done so. I do not know all the current pharmacopia etc. I also am no longer licensed to practice medicine. I let my licenses lapse when I no longer needed them. As you read in my e-mail to Mark, there could be legal implications to having someone practicing without a license. There is the possibility of socio-political repercussions, for which I would not wish to be responsible. If Mark is back, toss it up in the air with him and see what lands.

We love you and are praying for you. We are part of your cheerleading team. You can't believe how cute I am in my little twirly skirt. Wow!

Love, G&B

Bonnie & George said...

I just noticed that your blog says there are no comments for your Day 5 entry. I wonder what happened to the one I sent.

As I was looking at the film you took as you were riding along, I noticed the name of one of the stores. It was called "Dieu Tout Puissant." That means, "God the All Powerful." Quite an appropriate message for you as you face that long list of stuff to do in your de facto position description. I also liked the message on the header over the windshield of a pick-up: "Love Jesus."

This so reminds me of Africa. Christians are not the least bit shy about their faith. One sees this in many of he names of business, etc. One of my favorites in Lagos was: "If God Wills Electrical Repair Shop."

Another sign, not Christian, but typical of the juxtaposition between "development" and reality, was on a new freeway from Lagos to Ibadan. The drainage system was not yet finished. In the uncovered median drainage channel there was a semi, cab down in the drain, with a 30 or 40 foot trailer pointed straight skyward. Emblazoned across the side of the trailer were the words: "Forward Nigeria!" A picture is worth perhaps a billion words.

I was sitting here reviewing what we are going to do in the HS/JR HI SS tomorrow morning. One thing in my reading had your name on them. Psalm 20:4,5 "May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God. May the Lord grant all your requests." Amen! You notice it says, "when," not "if."

Go, Girl!

Love, G&B